Have You Seen This? The world's least camouflaged moose

This moose with a brilliant white coat was reportedly spotted in Sweden.

This moose with a brilliant white coat was reportedly spotted in Sweden. (Twitter)

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THE ANIMAL KINGDOM — If you've ever seen a moose in the wild, you know they can be imposing animals. A full-grown specimen can reach more than 7 feet high at the shoulder — so when you add the head and antlers to the mix, they look positively enormous.

Many years ago, I was fishing in a meadow in the Uintas and a couple of bull moose came crashing out of the trees. I've heard that moose have bad eyesight, but these brutes seemed to lock right onto me and quickly made their way toward where I was standing.

I thought running away might agitate them and make the situation worse, and it seems like just about every large mammal on earth can outrun a fleeing human. So, I waded out into the stream and waited until the big bulls lost interest. After 20 minutes, they ambled through the grass and disappeared into the trees.

Yeah, it was terrifying.

But if those massive moose had looked like the rare one in this video, I think the experience would've felt even more surreal.

According to the caption, this magnificent animal was spotted in Sweden. Due to a condition called piebaldism, it sports a brilliantly white coat.

As one of the least camouflaged moose on Earth, life is probably tough for this animal. While it obviously stands out like a sore thumb now, I'm sure this magnificent moose will get the last laugh once the winter snow hits Scandinavia.

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