Have You Seen This? Behold, the world's worst U-Haul truck driver

We'll never know what this driver was thinking, but it's obvious that he is as tenacious as he is terrible.

We'll never know what this driver was thinking, but it's obvious that he is as tenacious as he is terrible. (Nuevocentos, Twitter)

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THE PARKING GARAGE — Ordinary people often struggle a bit when they get behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck. After years of commuting in their zippy little sedans, they're suddenly piloting a large truck that doesn't react the same way on the road.

The good news is that after a short time in a U-Haul, most of us are able to adjust. We figure out how to use the mirrors. We get more comfortable with the turn radius. It begins to feel like an oversized version of our normal vehicle.

Unfortunately, some people never reach this level of competence — and it's terrifying when they try to drive into parking garages.

This video starts innocently enough. A U-Haul truck is seen entering a parking garage. The security camera clearly shows some overhead pipes that might be too low to allow clearance. Okay, maybe the driver will reverse course and leave the garage.

But then the truck accelerates.

Perhaps the driver has come to his senses, because now the truck is backing up. But then it plows ahead again, this time at a different angle. Now the truck is careening wildly, presumably due to a large obstacle under the driver-side tires.

The driver backs up again. Maybe he's ready to listen to reason.

Nope. He was merely preparing for an even more aggressive charge into the pipes. His passenger gets out to survey the situation but is forced back into the truck by a deluge of water and some sort of ominous-looking liquid. Is it sewage? As the truck is drenched, you have to wonder about the conversation going on inside the cab.

Apparently, the fellows were saying, "Let's try it again." Because they simply keep ramming the poor truck forward.

Then, the truck stops. The driver backs up enough that he is clear of all obstacles. He could exit the garage and try to pretend that this debacle never happened.

But we should know better by now. Like a warrior charging into battle, he plunges the truck ahead with more power than ever. Fittingly, the video ends with the U-Haul finally trapped. The reign of terror is over.

Have You Seen This?

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