Have You Seen This? Goat saves chicken from hawk

When a hawk attacks a chicken, a brave goat steps in to save the day.

When a hawk attacks a chicken, a brave goat steps in to save the day. (Roaring Earth, YouTube)

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THE YARD — A true friend is something worth more than gold.

A true friend sticks up for you and takes care of you when you're in need. They'll celebrate with you when you achieve something and hang out when you've failed or you're down. They're not afraid to say, "Yes," when you ask, "Does this make me look fat?" A true friend has your back.

I've been lucky enough to have a few true friends in my life who have been there for the highs and the lows and all the in-betweens. Everyone deserves friends like that — even chickens.

This video was captured on a farm where a plump chicken was hanging out in the yard enjoying a sunny day. Out of nowhere, a hawk swoops down and tries to take the chicken. Another chicken runs in and tries to help, but it's the first chicken's old friend and right-hand man, er, goat, that comes in for the save.

The goat comes barreling in and fights the hawk until the bird of prey can't handle any more and gives up on dinner and flies away. The chicken runs into the coop to safety, and the goat goes back to doing what it does best: being the G.O.A.T. of friendship.

This barnyard animal has no time to worry about talon scratches or hawk beaks when his friend the chicken is in danger. All he cares about is that this is his farm and that's his chicken and no hawk is enjoying this poultry.

Thanks, goat, for being a real buddy and sticking up for the little guy. Let's all be more like the goat — not in an eating-cans-and-ropes kind of way, but in a super cool friend kind of way.

Have You Seen This?

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