Have You Seen This? There's unlucky and then there's this kid

Have You Seen This? There is unlucky and then there's this kid

Have You Seen This? There is unlucky and then there's this kid (mlbb_odd-ice, reddit)

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BELOW THE RIM — We are all unlucky at times. But for some of us, it seems a little over the top.

For instance, why did karma and the universe decide that certain people are the ones to pick on? I mean, it's not really fair, but it is what it is and those of us who fall into this category just kind of roll with it at this point.

Being unlucky would be getting in a traffic jam when you're already late for something; being really unlucky is getting caught in a traffic jam on the way to a really important job interview, but when you're stopped in the middle of the freeway a car runs into the back of you — not enough to hurt you, but enough to blow your tire and not his.

Not to mention, the collision causes you to spill the power smoothie you had to get energized for the meeting all over your pants. You then change the tire and get grease and dirt all over your shirt and manage to make it to the interview. You walk in a complete mess and covered in sweat only to find out it was a phone interview and the person was trying to call you but you never picked up because you left the phone in the car as you changed your tire.

Is this from experience? It doesn't matter. What does matter is the kid in this video may be one of us.

The basketball got stuck between the rim and the backboard. It's happened to all of us. And if you're blessed with the jumping ability of an injured baby turtle like me, then hopping up and knocking it out of there isn't an option. It wasn't an option for this guy, either.

So he does what most of us have done: He takes off his shoe and starts throwing it at the ball. Great idea. One I have used many times. But then the bad luck comes around. The universe says, "Oh, bless you. You actually think I'm going to let this work."

The shoe hits the ball, flies up in the air and gingerly lands perfectly on top of the backboard to get stuck itself. I wish the video continued because knowing the track record of us unlucky ones, there is a great chance the second shoe also got stuck trying to save the first.

Stay positive, buddy, not every day is bad. Some days you only lose one personal item — and those days are worth living for.

Have You Seen This?

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