Have You Seen This? Dog accidentally destroys human with squeaky toy

Have You Seen This? Dog accidentally destroys human with squeaky toy

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THE COUCH — It's unfortunate that this happens, but it does. When someone gets really excited there is often collateral damage. Our emotions take over and sometimes we can't control our limbs. This has happened to me — or rather because of me — more times than I'm comfortable with admitting.

In seventh grade, for example, I was in a new school, didn't know many people, and was eager to make new friends. I was in the cafeteria and a group of girls was nearby. One girl dropped her ring and it rolled right to me. I figured I had an opportunity to pick it up, return it and make new friends. Instead, I tried to stop it with my foot and accidentally smashed the surprisingly flimsy piece of jewelry under the sole of my shoe.

To these girls, it looked like I was being a jerk on purpose. In reality, I just got excited to make some friends. I didn't make any that day, in case you were wondering.

Later in life, I was attending a football game with my wife. The game was in overtime and the team we were rooting for made a spectacular touchdown to win the game. I jumped out of my seat, threw my arms in the air, and cheered until my throat was sore. What I didn't realize was on my way up my elbow caught my wife on the side of the head and knocked her nearly unconscious.

These are just two examples of why I love the doggo in this video. This good boy had a big squeaky toy and is having a grand old time playing with it, flinging it around and just doing what a dog does with a great toy. Then the pupper gets the toy in its mouth, whips its head around and manages to pummel his human right in the face with the toy.

He caught her square, like a boxer landing a solid right hook. The best part may be the abrupt "squeak" the giant, plush pickle makes as it connects with flesh.

Thankfully, the squeaky toy was soft and the human made it out of the scenario in less pain than my wife at the football game. Even the dog walked away from the incident with more friends than seventh-grade John.

Have You Seen This?

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