Have You Seen This? Borderline gross, but amazing time lapse of a healing wound

Have You Seen This? Borderline gross, but amazing time lapse of a healing wound

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THE HUMAN BODY — I have had my fair share of wounds over the years. I have broken my nose, wrist, hand, foot, finger and toe — all on separate occasions.

I've had knee surgery twice to fix two separately incurred meniscus tears and received stitches on my head, eyebrow, and chin three different times. I was also shot by a BB gun in the finger, and a doctor had to remove the BB that was lodged inside it.

My pièce de résistance was the massive wound I got in my right leg as a second grader when I fell down a window well and the shattered glass cut me open. At the time I held the record for the most stitches at Alta View Hospital with 256. I have no idea if it still stands.

What I'm getting at here is my body knows how to heal itself because I've asked it to do so time and time again. It's amazing that my scars aren't all that prominent — sans that gnarly one on my leg — and my bones are all healed up and working great (well, as great as they will for a man nearly in his 40's who has been pretty hard on them). Suffice it to say the human body is incredible, and we get to see it in action in this video.

A small heads-up: Some may find the video a little gross, considering it's a close up of an open wound, but I promise it's worth your time. It's a time-lapse video of a healing finger over a month. While I don't condone the fact the creator of the video hurt himself on purpose for the sake of the video, I do tip my hat to his dedication.

Here is the explanation in the YouTube description: "I have this plan in my mind for many-many years. I dedicated a whole month, for doing it. I took a photo in every 4 hours precisely, 6 times a day, non-stop. I did the cuts myself, but it didn't seemed big enough, so I used a rugged stone surface to damage the skin more."

Please don't injure yourself for the sake of video content, but let's appreciate the fact this guy did. Then again, maybe it's all a sham and hurting himself wasn't a big deal because of his mutant powers. I mean, the guy with the top comment may be onto something, "plot twist: its not a time lapse and he actually have regenerative powers."

Have You Seen This?

John Clyde

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