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Have You Seen This? Take a trippy step inside Van Gogh's paintings

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Jun. 24, 2020 at 5:42 p.m.

VAN GOGH'S VIRTUAL REALITY — Have you ever wanted to get a Google Street View inside some of Van Gogh's paintings and just take a virtual stroll around his world? If you said, yes, do I have a treat for you.

Twitter user Franco Ronconi shared this piece from visual artist Alejandro Vigilante. The piece is a 360-degree view of an amalgamation of some of Van Gogh's works for a virtual tour around the unique world he created. Paintings you can see on display include the famous "The Starry Night," "Doctor Paul Gachet," "Cafe Terrace at Night," "At Eternity's Gate" and "The Night Cafe."

Undoubtedly there are more nods to other works, but I'm not the art connoisseur or Van Gogh historian to find them all right now, but if you can please fill us in, we'd love to hear.

I may not be an art aficionado, but I do appreciate it, and Van Gogh has always been a favorite. His creativity in the way he saw the world and showed it to all of us is gorgeous, to say the least, and this quick video that's acts like a short evening walk along the waterfront is calming and mesmerizing.

Next time someone asks me, "if I could go on vacation anywhere I wanted, where would it be?" I'm going to show them this video.

Have You Seen This?

John Clyde

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