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'I love the post office': What Utah is saying about its postal workers

By Whitney Evans, KSL.com | Posted - May 15, 2020 at 9:58 p.m.

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series where we thank the Unexpected Heroes who put themselves at risk to keep Utah running during the coronavirus pandemic. Every Monday, we'll highlight a different industry and ask you to write in to thank the workers in that industry for their service. During the week, we'll profile someone who works in that industry. Every Friday, we'll publish some of your submissions and send the messages of thanks to those in the field.

SALT LAKE CITY — Post office workers are more vital than ever in a world dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

"As an essential service we are delivering medicines, checks and essentials that are helping people stay home so we can all combat COVID-19," said David Rupert, Western Area manager of USPS Strategic Communications.

A steady community staple, the Postal Service delivers these essentials and sorts through parcels and mail that are delivered at affordable rates all across the United States.

They also face uncertainty, not only with concerns of delivery drivers contracting the virus, but also about the longterm financial stability of the service. But they continue to show up daily, despite weather, contagious outbreaks or angry dogs.

How you can help

There are a few things Utahns can do to make sure the postal workers feel appreciated, according to Rupert.

  1. Stop and chat: A conversation from a safe distance, a wave from the porch, a simple greeting can make all the difference, Rupert said.
  2. Leave a treat: Leave treats on a paper plate, or if the weather's particularly warm, offer your carrier a cool drink, Rupert suggests.
  3. Let them know you value them: In additon to the carriers, "there are truck drivers, mail processing clerks, mail handlers and clerks at post offices who aren’t always in the public eye," Rupert said in an email. '"We See and Appreciate You' is a beautiful saying that can be expressed in many different ways."

Finally, "our carriers love notes of expression, thanking them for their service," Rupert said. Fortunately, hundreds of Utahns wrote in this week to thank the postal workers in Utah.

Here's what you had to say

I have often thought about the daily grind postal workers endure. The never-ending work, the mountains of mail that gets hand-sorted every morning, and the delivery in all weather. Only amazing, strong, and resilient people are tough enough for this job. I have so much respect for your work and thank you for what is a truly a dedicated service.

The USPS is the finest post system in the world. Postal workers are dedicated and caring beyond the comprehension of most Americans. Thank you and thank you again.

You help keep my family and I connected across the thousands of miles. Each time a package arrives, it brings a piece of my home to our children who cannot see their grandparents, aunts, or uncles at this time. You bring Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and everything in between. Life is richer because of your service. A million thank yous.

Yours truly,

The Rivas Family

Thank you for your commitment and dedication. I lost my husband and my brother this year and receiving the mail and packages from our loved ones has meant the world to us. I wish that you have a happy healthy life free of sickness and disease. Feel comfort knowing the work you do provides a critical service. Wishing you and your family abundant blessings, prosperity and joy. Thank you.

Thank you so much for delivering our mail in these harrowing uncertain unprecedented times. You deliver essential sometimes life saving essentials such as medications. I live in Farr West and a few times I've been lucky enough to catch my mail delivery lady in her truck to wave high and tell her thank you and God bless you. Thank you all for all for delivering these items to us and allowing those of us that are in high risk categories to still get supplies we need. You are needed, appreciated, and valued and I'm so grateful for your sacrifice.

Dear Postal Workers, We want you to know how much you have been and continue to be appreciated for your tireless efforts in guaranteeing that our mail is delivered to us and to our loved ones. Whenever I come into the post office, all the workers are very cheerful and friendly and caring. I have sent many packages to my many children and grandchildren who live in three different states. The packages always arrive safely and on time. One of my daughter-in-laws works for the postal service, out of state. She has told me of the financial difficulties that you are all experiencing as a result of the COVID-19. I am praying that Congress will realize your needs and help you. Once again, thank you for all you are doing!!

Kind regards,


Thank you to all for the hard work, dedication and working in the hardest of times. Mail makes me feel important in these lonely times. Even the junk I recieve in my mailbox is something to look forward to. Thank you to the Mailman/Mailwomen who makes sure I get my mail and feel appreicated!!

Thank you so much for your services! As soon as I found out that USPS needed help I sent over letters to our congressmen and purchased a lot of stamps! I hope you guys stay around #SaveUSPS

Thank you so much for bring my monthly medications. I need you, and appreciate you!

I just had a baby. Thank for delivering diapers and other items for my baby and I to be able to be comfortable and safe during postpartum recovery.

I love the post office! Back when stamps cost $.32 and long-distance phone calls included those to Summit County, the post office helped my cousin and I stay in touch. These days, I rely on the postal service for voting, for celebrating birthdays and sending well-wishes, and for safely sending things that I may have hand delivered before coronavirus. I'm so grateful for our postal workers who make sure that our republic, our connections, and our economy keep humming. Thank you for all you do!

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