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'Roll on, asphalt cowboys': Utah thanks its Unexpected Heroes in trucking

By Staff | Posted - May 1, 2020 at 9:23 p.m.

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series where we thank the Unexpected Heroes who put themselves at risk to keep Utah running during the coronavirus pandemic. Every Monday, we highlight a different industry and ask you to write in to thank the workers in that industry for their service. During the week, we'll profile someone who works in that industry. Every Friday, we'll publish some of your submissions and send the messages of thanks to those in the field.

SALT LAKE CITY — In a time of coronavirus and social distancing, there are some people who willingly leave their homes and travel for hundreds or thousands of miles to make sure folks in Utah get their food, essentials and even some luxuries.

These truckers also face uncertainty in a time when demand in some sectors is low and their companies are facing smaller profit margins.

Utahns have noticed and are grateful. When we asked our readers which workers in which industries we should thank, truckers were at the top of their lists.

This week, hundreds of Utahns responded with messages of support, encouragement and awe at the hard work truckers put in.

Ten-four, Utah. We've heard you. Here are some messages thanking those truckers who our readers have called the "backbone and lifeblood" of America. #TruckersGotThis

Thanking Utah's truckers

"Truckers are as tough as cowhide, as strong as a huge maple tree, and as good lookin’ as a flaming sunset after a storm!"


"I have sold Consumer Products my entire career. My commitment to feed America resides in your shadow. The products I sell today are moving from mills, to warehouses, to grocery stores. Without your trucks, we could not keep a bag on the shelf. With very deep admiration. Thank you."


"My dad and uncles are all truckers. Even though they are heavy haul truckers, the things that they carry make a big difference. Like machines for the constructions of our roads. I know how hard the trucking business is, especially when there is a family waiting for their return. Thank you for every trucker out there that drives long hours to service this country and the people in it. Consider making a holiday for truckers on October 4th. 'Ten four'."


"I personally know a trucker that drives across the state while many Utahn’s are sleeping comfortably in their beds. He braves the storms, the wildlife, and now this virus to do his job so many auto part stores can have the essentials for their customer’s mechanical needs. When he is not on the road, he is arranging or personally delivering groceries for his elderly widowed mother. He is just one example showing that truckers are the backbone of our country."


"Always have and always will love our truckers! Under appreciated & under payed. Roll on asphalt cowboys."


"I work for a trucking company in SLC. Advantage Transportation. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for each and every one of our drivers and all across the nation. The amount of stress that comes along with being a truck driver is tremendous. Many people seem to think 'Oh all you do is hold a steering wheel and drive!' Well it's so much more than that. Every day they put their lives at risk to make sure the nation has everything they need or helping to deliver goods. They make so many sacrifices and deal with many stressful situations being out on the road. If it wasn't for them our world wouldn't be the same! We don't get the opportunity to thank them enough. They definitely are HEROES! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY DRIVER OUT OUT THERE! Especially in times like this they don't stop, they continue to be there for our nation! Truck drivers are definitely my HEROES!"


"Thank you to the exceptional, skilled men and women who continue to make the world turn by keeping the infrastructure in place that allows so many of us to shelter in place in comfort, and bless you for every delivery you make. And, I have to admit, there's a special place in my heart for those of you responsible for making sure toilet paper continues to reach store shelves. Many thanks."


"Every bite, every cleaning product, new shirt, pet products, you name it, everything in my house that I use during my day was brought to me by a truck and the person driving it. Truck drivers move America. My family and I are so grateful for the daily efforts you make to supply our needs. You put yourself out there so we can eat, clean, enjoy, live life. Thank you so much for doing your job. The long hours, the isolation, the risks, the weather, the down time and the other drivers on the road, thank you for taking it all on for our needs. We appreciate you truck drivers."


"Thank you for being a part of the solution. Thanks to you, I am able to stay home with my family during these tumultuous times. You may think that you are just doing your job, but you are, indeed, on the front lines paving a humanitarian path for which to allow others means which to subsist. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"In all of this Insanity, I told my girls to look for the extra hard workers who bring all of our necessities. We count the trucks on our weekly drive, guessing what they are bringing. This has eased all of our anxiety knowing they are keeping this country going!"

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