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Hundreds of Utahns reached out to thank Utah's Unexpected Heroes in health care. Here's what they said

By Staff | Posted - Apr. 17, 2020 at 6:33 p.m.

SALT LAKE CITY — As part of our effort to thank the Unexpected Heroes in Utah who work behind the scenes and on the front lines to keep Utah running during the coronavirus pandemic, is asking for your help.

As the novel coronavirus spreads through the world, many are hunkered in their homes waiting for the virus to pass. There are some of our friends and neighbors, however, who don't have the privilege of working from home. Every week we are highlighting a new industry and ask you to write in and help us thank them.

This week, we're thanking the Unexpected Heroes in health care. From the people gathering test samples, to doctors and nurses working in intensive care, to the respiratory therapists whose skills are in high demand during this pandemic, these professionals have risen to the challenge.

There are some ways you can show your gratitude and help. One is by participating in a massive mask-making volunteer initiative called Project Protect, launched by Intermountain Healthcare, University of Utah Health and Latter-day Saint Charities. If you have a sewing machine, you can get materials to make vital personal protective equipment, or PPE, for these workers.

Another is to follow state guidelines and recommendations, including following proper social distancing and handwashing protocols.

Finally, you can just say, "Thanks."

Unexpected Heroes

Hundreds of you have already done this. We'll send all of your messages over to those working in health care in Utah. If you still want to write in, add your thoughts in the comments below.

We've gathered some of our favorite messages of gratitude from Utahns in this article. Read what your friends and neighbors had to say about Utah's Unexpected Heroes in health care.

"Thank you ALL healthcare personnel, doctors, nurses, everyone who is putting their life on the line for others! I support you my family supports you and we are grateful for your service. Also grateful for all those essential workers who are keeping up the pace as well Thank you. I (have) four kids who are part of those essentials thank you! And stay safe! Tammy McCray, Farr West, Utah"

"My wife is a nurse. She loves the work she does. She always takes the necessary precautions when needed. She has a family at home, yet still does what is needed. I appreciate the dedication she has for her work. Nurses never know what they will encounter on any given day. Cheers for the Nurses."

"Thank you for your tremendous efforts to keep us all safe. We really appreciate all your hard work. We pray that you and your families are protected as you take on this challenge."

"Thank you for your selfless sacrifice of time, energy, health, safety and mental well-being to help save lives. Healthcare seems like a pretty demanding job already, but to ask for you to give more and more, and you do, is an amazing declaration and manifestation of the indomitable spirits that you all have. Please hang in there, we are all rooting for you, and this too shall pass."

"No words can convey the gratitude and just sheer awe we, your fellow Utahns, have for each and every one of you. Thank you for being there for us."

"The medical laboratory personnel. They are the unsung heroes whose work is crucial and relatively backstage. Genius and dedicated serving is amplified in this group of men and women."

"My sister is currently pregnant and is so very scared about being in the hospital during the pandemic. I want to thank all those working in the women's centers and labor and delivery. They are not only dealing with the scare of the virus, they have to continue keeping calm for mothers in labor. Thank you for all you do. May God bless and protect you."

"I have two sisters and two daughters who are nurses. They are helping to save lives. I love them!"

"Thank you for all you do. I know that if I need any of you, I will be in good hands. May God bless all of you with health, energy, endurance and love. Kharent Warren"

"A HUGE Thank You to all of you working in health care for your selfless service in caring for those with COVID-19 and everything else at the risk of your own health and well-being. Kudos, prayers, and wishes for your good health and stamina!!"

"Even those of us who have stayed well are grateful for your efforts and sacrifice. Every pharmacist, nurse, physician, pharmacy tech, medical assistant, therapist, custodian that keeps our healthcare system running are my heroes and I thank you!"

"You are, AND ALWAY HAVE BEEN, the heros that take care (of) society in their time of need. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE!!"

"My heart is so full and grateful knowing we have such an amazing team working to combat this virus and want to thank all those in the health care community helping patients. The fast response and quick collaboration that I’ve witnessed taking place to continue to provide amazing health care with new modalities and working together to keep everyone safe is awe-inspiring. There is nothing we cannot accomplish. I love Utah and our providers for working diligently to provide amazing care around the clock To provide amazing service to our community. Thank you for putting patients first and serving in this capacity. A simple note doesn’t seem to suffice. You are all heroes and we are so grateful for your dedication and compassionate service! "

"Our healthcare workers are the heroes in this war against this virus. They have put themselves at great risk to help others. 'Greater love hath no man than this ...' With all my heart, thank you. This will not be forgotten."

"The amount of gratitude cannot even be shared adequately through a message!! As a parent of preemie I am already so indebted to you!! But through this I am so, so thankful for your sacrifice and dedication! Thank you for being there for others, taking care of them, and being their person during this time!! May you continue to stay healthy for you and your family!!! Xoxo The Andersen Family"

"Thank you for your selfless hard work. Your bravery is appreciated every single day, hour, and minute. Thank you does not even come close to expressing my appreciation, but it is what I can give. May you be blessed beyond measure!"

"THANK YOU FOR YOUR SELFLESS SERVICE! I will do my part and stay home."

"Thank you all for your tireless effort as you work diligently to keep all of us safe and well. Thank you for the care you give to the suffering you see daily. Thanks also to your families as they share you with all of us😊"

"Ok, Thank you. I wrote a poem last week called 'Everyday Heroes':
‘Remember when heroes were in comic books
‘They used capes or shields to catch the bad crooks
‘Now, just look around and you will soon find
‘Everyday heroes of all different kinds
‘Doctors and nurses and also the staff
‘Truckers and grocers all in your behalf
‘Fire and policemen, emergency crews
‘Those who fight under the Red White and Blue
‘Parents now home all day ease children's fears
‘While worried themselves and fighting back tears
‘These are real heroes all doing their best
‘Serving around them, oh how we are blessed.
‘So let's take some time and give a good cheer
‘Let's never forget our heroes so dear
‘They don't have a shield, a cape or a web
‘But heroes they are, yes let it be said!
‘We can't do enough to thank
‘Everyone who is serving others right now.’"

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