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Have You Seen This? Climbing dog says: ‘Don’t fence me out!’

By Martha Ostergar, Contributor | Posted - Mar. 7, 2020 at 2:19 p.m.

THE OUTSIDE WORLD — All of us have known a pet (or a toddler) that scrambles to get out into the wider world if they see any opportunity.

Plus, we’ve all seen pleas for help on your social media about "lost" dogs that ran out a door, dug under a fence or someone climbed their way up and over to see and smell ALL the things not in the backyard.

What most of these thrill-seeking dogs don't seem to understand is that they have fairly cushy lives filled with consistent food, warmth and safety.

That lush life only happens if they stay home like the goodest boys and girls we know them to be, yet the siren call of adventure and perceived freedom is apparently too great for many.

In a move that threatens to upset the order of the pet animal kingdom, one small dog saw the value of his home life and will not be kept from it, and it was all caught on video.

According to the video description, the fence was open when the dog in question went out for a morning walk. But when he returned, the fence was closed; his own yard inaccessible to him.

"Don’t fence me out!" he roars before he takes matter into his own hands. (Disclaimer: This did not happen, dogs don’t articulate sentences or roar in general.)

Without even one iota of panic or indecision, the dog begins to climb the fence. No, the dog doesn’t leap and use the power of his back legs to hurl himself over the fence in a manner that police and military dogs are trained to do. The dog deliberately uses his four little legs to climb over a chain link fence.

After he reaches the top, he nonchalantly jumps down into his yard, and I swear he swaggers away with the confidence of a mob boss who feels like he’s the most invincible man in the world.

Someone please add a Michael Bay FX explosion behind the dog as he walks away. Thanks.

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