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Have You Seen This? Puppy rides a Roomba

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Jan. 9, 2020 at 3:02 p.m.

WHEREVER ROOMBAS ROOM — The saga of dogs versus vacuums is an epic and long one. Extensive losses have been sustained on both sides. Many vacuums have been chewed, and many dogs have deserted their posts on account of the machine’s loud noise.

Luckily, the newest installment of this pairing is actually quite cute and innocent. Take a look at this video to put a bounce in your step and distract you from all this week’s crazy news.

A puppy has found a seat on a Roomba, and neither of them seems to know how to handle it.

Several important things must be highlighted in this video.

  • First, the Roomba hitting the couch and squishing the puppy’s face. This move reminds me of a horse trying to buck off its rider.
  • Second, the Roomba attempting to redirect itself by turning in tiny increments which — Look! — shake the dog’s chubby back paws.
  • Finally, please notice how well-behaved, quiet and curious this pup is.

So yes, vacuums and dogs have traditionally been mortal enemies, but these two seem like a charming and adorable pair. Sometimes, we all just need to watch a puppy on a Roomba to brighten our day.


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