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Have You Seen This? Scuba diver romantically dances with shark 🦈

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Jan. 6, 2020 at 2:58 p.m.

SAINT PETERSBURG — I knew "Under the Sea" was a music and dance number, but not like this.

In this version, rather than Ariel gaining legs and entering the human world, Prince Eric dons fins to find his aquatic lover … suffice to say this shark wasn’t what he expected, but true love transcends all boundaries.

Watch them slow dance romantically in this video:

Have you ever seen a shark swoon? This is the closest we may ever come. Look at its tail fin, trailing smoothly in the current as the shark sits limp and lovestruck in the diver’s arms!

Look at how perfect the diver’s dancing position is as he leads! One hand gently on the shark’s back, the other on the edge of his partner’s pectoral fin. Imagine being such a proficient dancer that you could not only perform underwater, but confidently lead with a shark in your arms. There’s some real mermaid magic happening here.

I’m sure the occupants of Neptun Mall, where the description states this tryst occurred, are overjoyed for the happy couple.

I expect a wedding invitation by the end of the week, and Disney to greenlight this star-crossed tale of lovers for their next princess movie. I’m sure it’ll perform swimmingly.


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