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Have You Seen This? Funniest basketball sequence of the century

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Dec. 23, 2019 at 3:13 p.m.

THE HARDWOOD — Look, I'm not showing this video to make fun of those in it, I'm just showing it because it is both funny and relatable.

We've all been No. 10. Maybe it wasn't at basketball, but we've all been No. 10.

In a mere 15 seconds, No. 10 had the longest basketball game of his life. First off he gets crossed over — and I don't think we can say it was an ankle-breaker because it's his knees that took the beating. The poor guy ends up on one knee looking like the opposing player, No. 0, just rejected his marriage proposal.

As No. 0 makes a break for the layup, one of No. 10's teammates comes to his rescue and blocks the shot. The deflection ends up in No. 10's hands and he is now ready to redeem himself.

No. 10 starts heading down the court, tries to make a move at the other end — possibly to show off to No. 0, who just rebuked his advances — but things don't go as planned. No. 10 quickly ends up tripping over his feet, making a sad attempt at a shot and then sliding on his back for a few feet.

He lies there, defeated, for the briefest of moments. That's really the whole thing.

Sure, it's easy to chuckle at No. 10's misfortunes, but I'm not really laughing at him; I'm laughing at the rough go he's having.

I don't think it's his fault. The kid is obviously good enough to not only make the team, but actually get playing time. (I'm the guy who got cut before first cuts. Coach politely asked me to leave halfway through day one of tryouts.)

I'm just happy that cameras on phones were not a thing while I was playing sports, because I likely would have been the subject of many a Have You Seen This? articles.

Keep playing, No. 10. We'll laugh now, but you'll be laughing later when a video of you balling out pops up online.

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