Have You Seen This? Cutest Taekwondo fail to succeed ever

By Martha Ostergar, Contributor | Posted - Aug. 25, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

THE ARENA — Sometimes in an effort to help children love sports (or to help them get out all that extra energy), parents enroll their kids in sports lessons while they’re very young.

It turns out there might be such a thing as too young, if only because weighing 35 pounds isn’t helpful, and one tiny girl is the most adorable proof of this theory.

The video opens on a small, wavy-haired girl who is being led by an instructor to break a thin board with her foot. It’s pretty standard fare for any white belt ceremony for the kiddos, including proud parents filming and cheering in the crowd.

But there are a couple of things up front that tell you this video — this girl — is going to be something special. First, there’s the blue cape, which I’m pretty sure isn’t your standard Taekwondo attire. Second, there’s the complete focus and intensity the girl brings to the stage.

In fact, her intensity is so great, she can’t quite understand what the instructor is asking her to do. Instead, she is a mimic, copying every move the teacher makes. This includes pointing at the board, stomping the ground, and yelling into the void.

Once teacher two enters, and the fierce little one finally gets her foot on the board, she is too light and doesn’t have enough power to break the board. But by this time, we viewers want her to succeed, we’re rooting for almost as much as her parents are.

So, a double-foot jump is the only answer, right?


True to her individuality and leveraging all power in her tiny body, the girl ends up breaking the board in a surprise ending that will delight you as well as your family and friends for at least a full minute.

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