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Have You Seen This? Duck plays dead in Oscar-worthy performance

By Katie Workman, KSL.com | Posted - Aug. 19, 2019 at 3:03 p.m.

FAKERSVILLE - Pretending can be incredibly important.

Grandma sends you the same lackluster gift for the fourth year in a row? Good thing you know how to feign your excitement and surprise. It’s the nicest thing you can do.

Your boss is the personification of nightmares and won’t stop annoying you during work. Thank heavens you’ve learned how to disguise that soul-crushing frustration, because that might have just kept you from a mental breakdown and saved your job.

It’s Friday game night, and you’re playing two truths and a lie. Your bluff just won you the game.

In a society that heavily discourages lying, it’s important to remember that lies are as diverse as the reasons we tell them. Some are small and well-meaning, others are malicious and unkind. Some snowball into complicated webs, and others are half-truths which make society function in a half-decent way.

But for this little duck, a lie possibly just saved its life.

This video shows the duck staying perfectly still, sprawled out, ironically “playing possum” and waiting for the chance to escape.

The dog above doesn’t have a clue about this fowl play, and I’m certain the duck was covered in goosebumps.

A brilliant performance all-around from our feathered friend, worthy of all of the method acting awards available. Take Hollywood by storm, little one, and enjoy all of the days your deceit has bought you.

I wish that all of my lies were as well-intentioned and convincing as this fowl, but until I perfect my fibs I’ll appreciate the reminder that not all fakery is foolish.

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