Have You Seen This? I ain’t afraid of no squirrel

By Martha Ostergar, KSL.com Contributor | Posted - Aug. 18, 2019 at 12:15 p.m.

POOLSIDE — Owning a pool has it’s obvious upsides, but there are plenty of downsides too.

First, there’s the cleaning, then there’s the maintenance, and then there are the pesky neighbor kids who want to come swim in it all the dang time. But maybe one of the hardest realities of having a pool is that sometimes wild animals find their way in and don’t exactly find their way out.

It is a sad and unfortunate reality that delights no one.

In light of that fact, please be aware that this featured video deals with a dead squirrel in a pool, so click away now if that will upset you. For those who stayed, let’s talk a bit about why this video still made it into the light-hearted articles that appear in "Have You Seen This?"

Fact one, a man must remove a poor, dead squirrel from his pool skimmer.

Fact two, it is obvious from the sounds he is making that the man is upset by this task.

Fact three, he’s so upset that he may be panicking slightly and rushing a little too much to finish the job.

Fact four, fact three may not be a fact, but since the man rushes to dispose of the dead squirrel on the end of his hand skimmer, forgetting that the cover is off the pool skimmer, thus tripping like he’s in a slapstick comedy, is a good sign he’s already in a slight panic.

Fact five, the man falls, the squirrel falls, and the slight panic turns to real, shrieking panic that probably shouldn’t be funny when all circumstances are considered, but it is, in fact, funny.

Fact six, laughing at someone’s misfortune is a sketchy business, but since the man in the video posted the video himself with no qualms, we shouldn’t feel like bad people for laughing at his misfortune.

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