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Have You Seen This? The power of a nuclear blast

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Mar 15th, 2019 @ 3:30pm

THE TEST RANGE — Nuclear blasts are something you clearly don't want to experience first hand, we all know that. But do we really know how powerful these explosions really are?

Sure I've seen movies and according to Indiana Jones you can survive one of these blasts in a fridge, but I trust this video a bit more.

Here we have Atomic Bomb FCDA Footage from 1953. The weapon, Grable, was an atomic artillery shell, shot out of a cannon and detonated on Frenchman Flat at a test site in Nevada. The video shows the effects of Grable on some vehicles and what looks like a tent.

It's truly incredible on how you can see things like up from the initial detonation and then the punch from the first wave setting things ablaze and then a second wave hitting so hard that it extinguishes the flames and throws these vehicles around like they're tin cans.

The actual visuals of the destructive power of Grable are disturbing enough, but adding in the back and white tone as well as the old vehicles just adds an eeriness to it.

A question I had and then some of the team members at had was, "How was the camera protected?"

Turns out the cameras were built into concrete bunkers, usually miles away with a high-power lens. So not only is the blast impressive, but so is the ingenuity that went into the cameras over 60 years ago.

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