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Have You Seen This? Champagne tower comes crashing down at fancy party

By Xoel Cardenas, KSL.com | Posted - Mar 14th, 2019 @ 3:30pm

A FANCY PARTY — There’s nothing like going to an elegant dinner or get-together. The dressing up, the high-end entree and the free refreshments.

One thing you may see at one of these fancy parties is a lovely work of art. Some would argue something like a champagne tower is, in a way, a work of art. You might have seen them displayed at parties inspired by “The Great Gatsby” or in other movies.

Bartenders have the champagne flowing, the hors d'oeuvres are surely ready, and musicians are playing classical music in the background, sort of like in “Titanic.”

And like in that movie, the following video will end with something collapsing.

In this video, two bartenders are getting a champagne tower nice and ready at an International Women’s Day celebration at a Russian banking company, according to Lenta.ru in a tweet.

As the champagne tower is near completion, one of the bartenders grabs two bottles to finish off the display. He pours the bubbly when one of the glasses gives way and, like an avalanche, it all comes crashing down.

To be honest, it was pretty cool to watch. Looked so synchronized.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure it sort of ruined the party.

Accidents happen, so I hope the bartenders didn’t have to pay for all the broken glasses.

Shoutout to the violin player who continued to play while the champagne tower crumbled down. Like the violin player in “Titanic,” he knew he had to play on, despite the chaos going around.

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