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Have You Seen This?: Teen pumping gas for first time goes hilariously wrong

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Feb. 28, 2019 at 1:58 p.m.

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THE GAS STATION — Ah, kids grow up so fast! They are so eager to learn things — everything from how to read to how to turn on the TV.

As they get older, kids want to learn more “grown-up” things, like how to put on makeup or how to drive. One thing all parents should teach their kids about driving is, at some point, teaching them how to fill up the car tank with gas.

Pumping gas seems like a simple thing, but to a teen who has never done it before, it can be a wild adventure that can lead to frustration for the teen — and laughs for the parent.

In this video, a Texas teenager decides it’s time to pump gas into his mom’s vehicle.

"This was my son's first time pumping gas,” the mom says in the video description. “It was very cold that day and my son wanted to help me out by getting out in the cold instead of me. That's when I realized he had never been taught to pump gas.”

And that’s also when mom decided to take out her phone and record this moment in the youngster’s life.

The mom starts off by instructing her son how to pay for the gas. Once he learns to select gas and places the nozzle into the tank, the teen gives a confident wink at his mom, as he feels it’s all going well.

Then the hard (and hilarious) part came: putting the nozzle back.

The next thing you hear is mom bursting out in laughter as her son had placed the nozzle upside down on the pump.

“Take it out of there. That’s not where it goes,” mom laughingly tells her son. The teen then takes the nozzle and nearly gets it right… until he gets it wrong again, placing the pump upside down once again.

After mom instructs her son one last time, the teen places the nozzle in its place.

“Oh,” the teen says in a smiling but slightly embarrassing tone.

It’s OK, kid. Pumping gas can be tricky. Just ask anyone who grew up in either New Jersey or Oregon, where you legally can’t pump your own gas. I’m sure the first time they had to pump gas, it was an adventure for them.

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