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It's a wrap: General conference live blog

By | Updated - Oct. 7, 2018 at 4:29 p.m. | Posted - Oct. 6, 2018 at 9:58 a.m.

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is holding its 188th Semiannual General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. This blog summarizes key points from each session.

Sunday, 04:16pm

President Nelson announces 12 new temples

Sunday, 04:10pm

More than ministering

Sunday, 03:53pm

Now is the time

Sunday, 03:36pm

The importance of repentance

Sunday, 03:29pm

Wilt thou be made whole?

Sunday, 03:26pm

Seeing others with the love of Christ

Sunday, 03:26pm

Becoming like the father

Sunday, 02:59pm

Try, Try, Try

Sunday, 01:49pm

Sunday afternoon session begins

Sunday, 12:13pm

‘What’s in a name? … everything.’

Sunday, 11:56am

Tests and trials wound all, but God is there to help

Sunday, 11:29am

The Book of Mormon and the power of conversion

Sunday, 11:21am

Begin your ‘ministry of reconciliation’

Sunday, 11:17am

Minister to each other

Sunday, 10:50am

Study the ‘Vision of the Redemption of the Dead’

Sunday, 09:51am

Join us for Sunday morning general conference

Sunday, 09:51am

Sunday morning kicks off with 'Music and the Spoken Word'

Sunday, 09:11am

Saturday wrap up

Saturday, 07:44pm

President Nelson issues a four-prong challenge to the women of the church

Saturday, 07:33pm

Live the gospel and ‘be kind to one another’

Saturday, 07:11pm

Women will play a ‘primary role’ in the acceleration of God’s work in the ‘last days’

Saturday, 07:00pm

Selfless Sacrifice

Saturday, 06:42pm

The difference between 'divine discontent' and discouragement

Saturday, 06:33pm

Serving ‘For Him’

Saturday, 06:00pm

Women's Session is about to begin

Saturday, 04:09pm

Believe, Love, Do

Saturday, 03:58pm

The name of Christ

Saturday, 03:36pm

Painting with watercolors at the campfire of faith

Saturday, 03:26pm

Minister to new church members as the Savior did

Saturday, 03:13pm

Building a foundation of faith

Saturday, 02:50pm

Firm and steadfast in the faith of Christ

Saturday, 02:00pm

Saturday afternoon session begins

Saturday, 12:31pm

Eternal truths of the gospel

Saturday, 11:38am

Warns members of ‘pharisaical focus’ on checklists, encourages looking at gospel principles as a whole

Saturday, 11:23am

Overcoming fear through faithfulness, spirituality

Saturday, 11:14am

Encouraging members to make their homes ‘sanctuaries of faith’

Saturday, 11:09am

Overcoming life's challenges through forgiveness, giving your will to God

Saturday, 10:46am

Details given about shortened Sunday worship schedule

Saturday, 10:34am

President Russell M. Nelson opens general conference

Saturday, 10:00am

Opening session of general conference is about to begin

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