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Have You Seen This? Man finds snakes wrestling in woman's roof

By Mary Dalrymple, | Posted - Sep 12th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

AUSTRALIA, OF COURSE — Hearing something moving around inside your roof is never a good sign, especially if you live in Australia where it seems like all the world's most terrifying creatures are engaged in a slow but steady battle to take back their rightful place as rulers of the land.

So that's why a woman in Queensland, Australia, knew to call up Max the Snake Catcher as soon as she heard some banging and sliding sounds in her ceiling on Monday. She wasn't quite ready to surrender her home to the two carpet pythons that were having a wrestling match in her roof, so Max was kind enough to take care of it.

In this video, Max explains what he found when he got up into the crawl space above the woman's ceiling. It's mating season and these snakes are on the hunt. Max says they probably caught the scent of a female (who is also probably just chilling somewhere in this woman's roof, nbd) and now the two male snakes are dueling it out because this is nature and they are all about survival of the fittest.

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Max remains very calm and cheerful, helpfully narrating for us all as he watches the snakes writhe and twist around each other. He does end up getting the snakes into a bag, and in the video description he wrote that he relocated them to "a nearby habitat where they could continue the battle."

So that's great news. I'm so glad these snakes can continue their terrifying wrestling match. Just kidding. Obviously. I know some of you think this is really cool, but if I personally were ever in the situation of having two pythons in my ceiling, I think I'd just grab whatever I could, move very far away and never look back.

Mary Dalrymple

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