BYU students trading rock for car to fund LDS missions

By Stephanie Grimes | Posted - Mar 15th, 2013 @ 12:12pm

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PROVO — A group of Brigham Young University students are trying to trade up from a rock to a car, hoping the project will help them finance missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jeremy Endicott's group of four has been working since Wednesday to create as much value as possible from a rock. They have until March 25 to turn the rock into a car.

Their first trade was for a box of Life cereal. They later traded the cereal for a sign that said "Chicks Rule," feeling the sign would garner more attention than a box of cereal would. They scoured KSL Classifieds and found people who would be willing to trade a big screen TV for the sign, and hope to make the trade on Saturday.

"We're looking into what options we have," Endicott said. "We have people sending in emails about potential items they'd like to trade. But if someone's willing to trade a car for a TV, they're more than welcome to."

Endicott said the group has mainly relied on social media as a way to get the word out about the project. Inspired by pictures of young adults holding up signs with information about their birth parents, the group snapped a photo holding up a sign saying "We're trading a rock for a car!"

Endicott and teammate Tate Jackman are both leaving in May to serve missions for the LDS church. The group plans to split funds from the sale of the car between the four of them, with each deciding on a charity or organization to donate the money to. Endicott and Jackman plan to use their share to help pay for their missions.

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The two other group members, Marissa Liu and Craig Harrington, have not yet decided whether they will donate the money to charity or to the BYU entrepreneurship program.

"We love this opportunity to be able to start small and grow big," Endicott said. "We're looking forward to just being able to bless other people's lives through the value we create out of this."


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