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Husband, wife in 80s scare off would-be robber

06/02/2014 7:11am
A Washington state couple in their 80s say they managed to spook a would-be robber who burst into their home shortly after they returned from a Tacoma casino where they won $500.

Nevada twins are co-valedictorians at high school

06/02/2014 8:31am
Identical twin sisters have achieved an identical distinction at a northern Nevada high school: They're co-valedictorians.

Moose disrupts handicraft class at Swedish school

06/02/2014 9:51am
Schoolchildren in western Sweden received a surprise visit during their handicraft class when a moose jumped through the window.

Police confiscate $3M worth of shoes from Ky. home

06/02/2014 5:21pm
Police are investigating after finding $3 million worth of missing shoes at a central Kentucky home.

Thieves take 13,000 diapers from NC nonprofit

06/02/2014 5:51pm
Authorities in North Carolina are searching for whoever made a massive, unauthorized withdrawal from a diaper bank.