Have You Seen This? Dog hates his nightly walks

Have You Seen This? Dog hates his nightly walks

(Fred Shultz, Twitter)

HOME OF SHOULD DO IT BUT DON'T WANT TO DO IT β€” Have any of you ever had those moments where life gives you a healthy dose of reality you weren't ready for?

Examples would be things like earning a college degree and working at a company for five years, and then seeing that Arby's is hiring entry-level positions at a higher hourly wage than you currently earn.

Or it could be that you worked for a company that would let you get paid in BitCoin, but you thought that was dumb and never did it β€” only to do the math years later and realize if you had done one check in BitCoin you'd have over $154 million.

These may or may not be completely random examples; they also may or may not be real-life examples of someone who would like to remain nameless.

Regardless, this video was another cold splash of reality for me.

The video itself is quite simple. This dog has a nightly walk before bed and he hates it. He hates it so much that his human literally has to push him across the floor and to the door. Then once he gets to the door, the dog knows it has no choice and slowly lumbers up onto its paws and heads outside.

This video is tough on me because I realized I am this dog, but I don't have a human willing to push me out the door to exercise. Instead, I just sit on the floor and think about snacks.

It was a reality check realizing that this dog who hates walks is still accomplishing more physically than I am. I used to go to the gym early in the morning before work with my brother-in-law, but he moved away. And what's even sadder is the only reason I got myself out of bed is that we'd lazily work out for 20 minutes and then head to McDonald's for some breakfast. And guess what? My motivation to get out of bed had nothing to do with those 20 minutes before McDonald's.

Enjoy watching this dog while I go contemplate my life choices for a while.

Have You Seen This?

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