Have You Seen This? Dog can't handle horse racing

Have You Seen This? Dog can't handle horse racing

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TV LAND — Everyone has those programs that make them go batty.

For lots of people, it's sports. Just ask my upstairs neighbor who cheers for BYU with screams so loud I have to Google "are football games happening now?" to quell the suspicion that he's being murdered. Yes, he's that impressive.

For others, it's critically acclaimed popcorn and drama television like The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which I see hot takes for on Twitter at least once a day. The discourse is strong with that fandom, and I enjoy learning everything I know about it in 280 characters or less.

Kids also have a trance-like tv-watching state induced by children's programming, as I'm sure anyone who has a toddler who's seen Blippi or had a Disney phase knows.

But for this dog, the perfect television programming is horse racing.

First, she runs up and jumps for joy, and her tiny snub of a tail goes wild as her front paws land on the entertainment center. She's as riled up and ready to go as the horses.

Then the race starts, and with how she jumps and cheers you'd think she bet her life savings of bones and treats on the race's outcome.

So go on, laugh at the oblivious dog and its funny reactions at what it must think is a portal to another world. I'm gonna go pop some popcorn and turn on the ball game and pretend humans are never like this.

Have You Seen This?

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