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Have You Seen This? Minivans are made to carry kids and cows

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Nov. 20, 2020 at 3:04 p.m.

THE VAN — I know minivans were initially made to give families a great option to pile their kids in one car and still have some space — so parents don't have to hear, "he's touching me" a little less often.

But over the years, the minivan has taken on many different jobs.

In high school, my friend's wood-paneled minivan we called "The Vinny" was used as the main vehicle for his lawn mowing service. He was out of town once, and another friend and I covered for him. We did great work, bagged the grass, and threw it in the Vinny. We then forgot about it and left the bags in there for about a week in the hot July sun. The Vinny was never the same.

I've also worked as an installer for security systems, and the owner of the company had a minivan instead of a work truck. Man, he could pack a lot of tools and wire in that thing. I've also seen minivans used as RVs and a college dorm, but this video is the first time I've seen one used as a transporter for cows.

Yes, cows.

"My husband, our two kids and myself spontaneously decided to go buy two calves on a Sunday evening," the YouTube description of the video says. I mean, we all have impulse buys, but I didn't know livestock was one of those.

The description goes onto explain that the family couldn't find the keys to their car, so they borrowed grandma's Honda Odyssey and piled in two kids, two parents and two calves. This is an amazing commercial for Honda: the fact that their Odyssey can comfortably hold a family of four and two cows. That's pretty incredible.

And if you don't believe me, look at that calf. He couldn't be happier.

So, next time you feel like buying a cow on a whim and want to hear your child scream "I touched the cow!" in the backseat of your car, then make sure you've got the ever-versatile minivan gassed and ready to go.

Have You Seen This?

John Clyde

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John Clyde

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