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Have You Seen This? Dog can't handle human's coughing during pandemic

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Nov. 19, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

2020 — I remember when I'd be in a public place and I'd cough or sneeze and no one really cared. In fact, the most someone would react was with a kind gesundheit or bless you.

That's not the case anymore. You cough or sneeze in public now and you're looked at like someone with the plague in the 1300's and banished to a small island. OK, it's not that bad, but it's different and you know it.

I'm not mad at the fact that people view that differently now, because COVID-19 is more dangerous and serious than your common cold or flu. Catching a cold at a movie was one thing, but we're on a different playing field now with the pandemic, so the world is a bit more cautious.

And it's not just us humans; apparently, some pets are also on higher alert.

This dog was licking its human when that biped coughed. The dog's reaction is priceless. You can see the fear in its eyes and the tongue stops immediately then sucks back into the mouth. Then his eyes slowly turn toward the human as if to say, "You serious, Carole?"

I don't blame the dog, because if we're honest with ourselves, we're all this dog.

Then again, this dog has a real attitude considering it was fine licking a person but coughing in your vicinity is crossing a line.

I'm not going to try to get inside a dog's head right now; I barely understand what's going through my mind at the moment. But regardless, this dog's reaction is spot on and what we would all do in the situation. But seriously, please don't go around licking people, whether they're coughing or not.

Have You Seen This?

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