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Have You Seen This? Baby laughs hysterically at mom's attempt at golfing

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Aug. 13, 2020 at 5:43 p.m.

THE GOLF COURSE — Golf can be hard to get the hang of. Just ask my dad, an excellent golfer who had to watch his children struggle to figure it out throughout their entire childhoods, despite his consistent and fantastic mentoring.

When my big brother began his very first golf lesson, my dad performed the quintessential father-son rite of passage of teaching him the perfect swing. My brother's first swing proved to be powerful and precise, in hitting my dad right in the head.

As my father yelled and unceremoniously crumpled to the golf green, my brother panicked and did the only thing his child brain could think of: he ran.

He kept running too, all the way across the golf course as my dad got up and dashed after him, still clutching his head and yelling that it was all right and he wasn't mad. It will forever be one of my most cherished childhood memories, as I sat in a lawn chair with my mouth agape and watched them chase each other into the evening sun like the conclusion of a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner episode.

Mackenzie Haggett, otherwise known as kenzzben on Instagram, can certainly relate to a missed swing as she learns to golf, and her baby finds her attempts hilarious. Check out this video, to which she posted with the caption, "You know you suck at golf when your baby even laughs at you🙄."

Watch this video, then watch it again. This baby's screech of pleasant surprise and ensuing laughter is the dopamine you didn't know you were missing. The baby finds the faulty swing so funny, I wouldn't be surprised to see her become the next Tiger Woods.

In the meantime, this child might grow up and enjoy some of these same golf misadventures herself, and hopefully she finds them just as funny then as she does now.

Have You Seen This?

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