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Help us thank Utah's Unexpected Heroes in law enforcement who keep Utah safe during the coronavirus pandemic

By Staff | Posted - May 18, 2020 at 7:03 p.m.

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series where we thank the Unexpected Heroes who put themselves at risk to keep Utah running during the coronavirus pandemic. Every Monday, we'll highlight a different industry and ask you to write in to thank the workers in that industry for their service. During the week, we'll profile someone who works in that industry. Every Friday, we'll publish some of your submissions and send the messages of thanks to those in the field.

SALT LAKE CITY — As the coronavirus pandemic continues its course, some essential workers have kept working around the clock to keep Utahns safe.

This includes the police officers, deputies, troopers, lieutenants, captains, chiefs and others who put their lives at risk daily in ordinary times. With the addition of the novel coronavirus, these officers are at more risk than ever while carrying out their duty to protect Utahns.

On the heels of Peace Officer Memorial Day and National Police Week, we'd like to thank Utah's Unexpected Heroes in law enforcement.

For more than a month, hundreds of you have reached out every week to thank Utah's Unexpected Heroes in health care, grocery stores, the trucking industry, education and from the postal service. We're sure Utah's law enforcement officers also want to hear from you.

Fill out the form below to let your neighbors who work in law enforcement know how much you appreciate all they do.

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