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Have You Seen This? Girl's stuffed puppy will win your heart at the dog show

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Mar. 9, 2020 at 3:25 p.m.

THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL — With the constant stresses of work, family and general adulting — compounded with the anxieties of my ever-present newsfeed — I thought warming my heart was impossible.

This video proved me wrong.

What’s not to love? A young girl is happily watching a dog show from its sidelines with her own stuffed puppy when she’s noticed by a judge. He seems pumped to thoroughly inspect her stuffed animal as if it were the greatest of show dogs — just look at the flourishes in his hand movements!

Then comes the cutest part yet, as the judge motions to the open space around them and gently places the dog on the ground. Totally on board, the girl sprints off, her doggie pulled along by a leash around her wrist (yes, in maximum sweetness mode, she brought a leash).

The judge scampers after her, clapping enthusiastically as the crowd behind the camera joins in. For several seconds this little girl’s stuffed dog is the best in the show ... and more importantly, she’s on the top of the world.

When the lap is done, the judge opens his arms wide and the girl runs in for a hug. They are appropriately greeted with a chorus of “ahh’s” from the stands.

Watching this video is the emotional equivalent of that hug, and I’m convinced it’s capable of curing all ailments. Whether your heart and soul are troubled or you just want an infectious smile and warm, fuzzy feeling, watch this clip ... then watch it again.

Have You Seen This?

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Katie Workman

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