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Have You Seen This? Watch a trio of Trader Joe’s dancers save the day

By Martha Ostergar | Posted - Sep. 21, 2019 at 2:22 p.m.

TRADER JOE’S — When you have a toddler, Trader Joe’s may be the last place you want to be.

The isles are narrow, the crowds are thick, and the tempting treats abound, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to the grocery store.

A mom named Alexandria Seba recently found herself in the toddler versus Trader Joe’s pickle. She was trying to check out when her curly-haired tot reportedly started having a tantrum. It’s a stressful situation for any parent, so much so that it can be hard for parents not to throw a tantrum about it themselves.

Luckily for Seba, three amazing Trader Joe’s employees had just the right solution to stop a crying toddler — an impromptu song and dance.

In the video, you’ll see one employee really going for it with his dance moves, one employee singing and adding her own dance flare, and a final employee doing his best to keep the beat with a fist pump while scanning Seba’s groceries at the checkout.

It’s just the kind of perfectly silly thing that may seem like nothing but really saved the day for at least two souls in Trader Joe’s.

This is a perfect example of simple acts of kindness that restore your faith in humanity. Plus it reminds us all that the cliche of “it’s the little things” is truly a true truth of truthness.

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