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Have You Seen This? Forget which chicken sandwich is the best and try a chow mein sandwich instead

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Aug. 28, 2019 at 3:01 p.m.

THE DINER — What’s the deal with this chicken sandwich war that's going on?

Popeyes claims they have the best sandwich, going after Chick-Fil-A. Soon after, we have a multitude of memes, parodies and hot take all over social media.

Popeyes has now run out of chicken sandwiches. Meanwhile, you can still get a Hot n' Spicy McChicken for a buck at McDonald’s.

Yes, the great chicken sandwich war of 2019 has been a rough one. But if you’re looking for a sandwich that is both intriguing and very much available, head to New England for none other than a chow mein sandwich.

Yeah, I said chow mein.

In Fall River, Massachusetts, Mee Sum Restaurant offers what could be one of the most interesting sandwiches around. The chow mein sandwich is arguably the most famous thing to come from Fall River … other than famous chef Emeril Lagasse. He even ate a chow mein sandwich on one of his programs, according to Great Big Story.

So is there any special ingredient that makes the chow mein sandwich distinct? Not really.

“Chow mein sandwich is crispy fried noodles,” said Mee Sum Restaurant co-owner Regina Mark. “We put it on top of the hamburger bun, with brown gravy over it.”

While it is a simple recipe, the chow mein sandwich has a long history. The sandwich was brought to America by Chinese immigrants in the early 1900s, according to Mark.

So how was the sandwich created? Like many great recipes, it was by accident.

“When people (ate) the chow mein, they used to soak up the gravy,” Mark said. “Then, one day, they ran out of bread. So that’s why they served them on the hamburger bun.”

Mark added that her restaurant goes through a lot of noodles and hamburger buns. In a typical week, Mee Sum Restaurant goes through 200 pounds of noodles. Wow! Customers from around the world have gone to Fall River just to try the sandwich.

Mark said the restaurant is part of the American dream. Agreed! Taking something from one culture, combining it with another culture (even by accident) to make it something new is something American.

Would you eat a chow mein sandwich? Do you think it'd taste good? Let us know in the comments section.

Xoel Cardenas

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