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Have You Seen This? This little boy’s reaction to meeting his new baby sister is adorable

By Mary Dalrymple, KSL.com | Posted - Nov 14th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

FAMILY LAND — If you're an older sibling, do you remember how you felt when your baby brother or sister was born?

Maybe you were excited, running around for months in advance helping your parents get ready for the new person who was soon going to be living in your home. Or maybe you were a little nervous. How would things change now that you weren't the baby of the family? Would everyone love the new kid more than you?

Either way, getting a new sibling is an emotional experience for little kids. And watching this video of a little boy meeting his new sibling for the first time might just be an emotional experience for you. In a good way, because it's so adorable you might shed a tear.

The video — which was posted to Twitter over the weekend and already has more than 5 million views — shows what happened when a little boy went to the hospital to meet his new baby sister right after she was born. In the video, the little boy doesn't seem nervous at all to meet his new sibling — instead, he's just brimming with excitement.

The video is really cute and even if you don't tear up, it will probably warm your heart. The love these two siblings will share throughout their life is apparent in the short clip and will remind you that the world is still filled with lots of love and goodness.

Mary Dalrymple

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