9 easy, cheap DIY Halloween decorations

9 easy, cheap DIY Halloween decorations


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SALT LAKE CITY — If you want to decorate your house for All Hallow’s Eve, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then these easy DIY decorations may be the way to show your scary side.

Celebrate the spookiest holiday with easy decorations that require few instructions and even fewer materials — all of which are affordable.

Masks on Pictures

Cutting out mask shapes and placing them over the face of family photos, paintings and other portraits is an easy way to add a little mystery to your home and its occupants.

Materials to make masks include construction paper, vinyl, dry-erase marker on glass, feathers, silk flowers or leaves, glitter and more.

Attach masks to pictures using non-toxic or archival tape, ribbons or string, depending on the surface.

For pictures under glass, stick pre-cut vinyl or freehand with dry erase markers directly onto the glass surface.


This easy tradition can make a big impact in a space. Paint them, carve them, drill them, stick tape or paper on them or leave them plain. Display them in a group or individually by putting them in a basket or container, stacking them or just grouping them together.

Instructions for drilling pumpkins into interesting luminaries can be found on Martha Stewart, of course.

Fabric Dust Covers

Head to the thrift store and snag some inexpensive white sheets. Then, toss them over furniture. Does it get much easier than that?

Bonus: you pretty much won’t have to dust through the month of October. You’re welcome.

Black Candles

Pull out your candlesticks, candelabras or other candle holders. Don’t even bother polishing them (tarnished is spooky, right?) and place black candles in them. Group them together for a dramatic effect on a table or mantle.



If you have been to a party in the last four years, you’ve likely encountered an array of banners, garlands or bunting. The classic party decoration has become a boon in the craft industry.

Think big and kitsch with garlands. Attach anything from die-cut paper to plastic bugs and skeletons to a long string and you’ve got yourself a Halloween-themed garland. Even easier, thread some black and orange pom-poms (using a needle) or beads onto the string. Hang from a wall, moulding, bed posts or any other surface your heart desires.

Sneaky Shadows

Anything that can be illuminated can have a shadow. Think lampshades, windows and nightlights.

Using vinyl, construction paper or butcher paper, cut out a shape of a sneaky figure, bats, bugs, cats and the like.

Stick shapes onto glass or lamps using non-toxic tape, taking care that the “shadows” are a safe distance from hot light bulbs or flame.

Creepy Crawly Bugs

If they won’t creep you out, affix plastic bugs to walls and furniture (not upholstery) using poster putty or double-sided tape. Create a trail with them or affix individual insects throughout your home. Warn guests at your discretion.

Kleenex Ghosts

This easy craft has been made by kids in elementary schools everywhere, it’s that easy.

Take a facial tissue, crumple it into a ball, then take another tissue and place the ball in the center, wrapping the tissue around the ball. Loop a string around the bottom of the ball, making a head and ghost body. Use a permanent marker to make two dots for eyes.

Attaching one end of a longer string from the loop, hang your ghost from light fixtures, mantles, pictures, staircases, doorways, curtain rods, chairs or whatever else you can tie them to. Display a few together for an after-worldly display.

Bat Cave

Fold black construction paper in half and cut out half a bat shape on the fold. Repeat until you have all you want.

Affix them to walls surrounding windows or doors and it will look like bats are heading back to their cave after a tiring night of scavenging for food. Hang some upside down from a curtain rod, mantle or headboard to imitate the sleeping winged mammals.


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