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One year after wildfire, Herriman prepares for heavy rains over burn scar

By Devon Dolan | Posted - Jul 29th, 2013 @ 10:48pm

HERRIMAN — Monday night saw the first major storm warning for Herriman City since the Rosecrest Fire a little more than a year ago. The National Weather Service predicted storms Monday night and potential flash flooding.

The city said it isn't too concerned, but they do want neighbors to be prepared.

The city is advising residents to check rain gutters and downspouts, but their message doesn't have many worried. Derrick Petersen said he's more concerned about the Rosecrest Fire burn scar.

Glade Ely lives right near the scar, and said that after a storm two weeks ago, he has confidence in his drains.

"We had a real downpour for an hour and a half, two hours, and all the drains worked just fine," he said.

Some folks in areas of Utah affected by heavy rains recently have taken preparation very seriously.


One Cedar City resident was able to avoid flood damage in the storm that battered the city Saturday and Sunday because of clever building techniques and preparation.

Peter Neff said he built his window wells four inches higher than the lowest part of his property, preventing any water from spilling in. Below the water wells are drains that take the water to a gravel pit. He also installed two pumps — one under the window wells and one in his sewer.

Herriman City is taking preventive measures to ensure drains continue to clear heavy rainfall by having crews spend the day cleaning about 20 drains. Each year, they're cleared at least once.

Nevertheless, the most crucial flood preparations started last August when hundreds of volunteers reseeded 611 acres of the Rosecrest Fire burn scar.

"We also have sediment debris fencing throughout the area, which is natural debris sediments that create a ridge that will stop any soils or debris," said Herriman spokesperson Tami Moody.

The city doesn't expect any major debris flow or flooding during the three-day storm warning, but said it's prepared. It has also asked neighbors to report any debris flow they see.

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