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'Smelly Proof' bags no match for K-9 officers sniffing out drugs

By Andrew Adams | Posted - Mar 19th, 2013 @ 5:37pm

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CLEARFIELD — Even if there's a label on the bag that says it's smell-proof, Davis County Sheriff's investigators maintain their K-9s can figure out what's inside.

Investigators said a case-in-point unfolded near 200 S. State Street in Clearfield Saturday night, when K-9 Hasko registered a positive hit for drugs on a car that had originally been pulled over during a routine traffic stop.

Inside, deputies said they uncovered a "Smelly Proof"-labeled baggie containing marijuana.

"To me, the Smelly Proof bag just felt like a normal zip-lock — just with a brand name on it," said Deputy Mike Benoit.

Smelly Proof is a company that operates far away from the drug culture realm, marketing bags it claims can conceal the toughest of stenches — fish, dirty socks, even soiled diapers.

Still, the product appears to have developed a niche market at smoking shops.

Deputies acknowledge the Smelly Proof baggie itself may have even lived up to its name in Clearfield.

Often when people handle drugs, Benoit said, they get trace amounts on them as they move them around, even into containers that supposedly do not give off smells.

"Obviously he had touched that marijuana to put it inside that bag, and then he touched his door handle, then he touched his steering wheel," Benoit said.

In the Saturday case, sheriff's spokesperson Susan Poulsen said 22-year-old Cody Lynn Burks was arrested and booked into the Davis County Jail on investigation of possession of controlled substance with intent, and possession of paraphernalia.

Deputies say whether name brand or garden variety, supposed smell proof baggies are only the latest unsuccessful means of concealing drugs they've uncovered. Poulsen said deputies have previously uncovered drugs inside flashlights, makeup compacts and soda cans with artificial bottoms.

"Some come up with great hiding spots," Benoit said. "But when they try new tactics, we train for new tactics." Benoit said his K-9s are very adept at uncovering drug scents even when they are masked.


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