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Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a co-worker giving selflessly? Recognize them with a nomination for a High 5!

High 5: His work gives old bicycles and troubled youth a second chance

Jul 27th - 9:51am

He's very skilled at restoring old bicycles but it's how he uses that talent to serve others that captured our attention.

High 5: We salute the men and women that risk their lives to save others

Jul 27th - 9:28am

They are the heroes of Summer. Search and Rescue teams often get the difficult call to help those in need and they're happy to answer.

High 5: Utah teen on a mission to save lives of animals

Jul 27th - 7:38am

An aspiring veteran, a 13-year-old Utah girl is getting her career started early by looking out for troubled pets in her neighborhood.

High 5: Girl turns sadness into service after tragic shooting

Jul 11th - 8:53am

At her age, she shouldn't have to deal with death. But one little girl is using a tragic situation to teach us a valuable lesson.

High 5: One girl's simple safety tip for fireworks observers

Jul 6th - 9:58am

She'll never forget Pioneer Day 2016. That's the day a firework changed her life. She has one simple step to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

High 5: A garden for all thanks to one man's green thumbs

Jul 6th - 9:48am

He's the man behind all the fruits and vegetables that grow in one community garden.

High 5: Kids thank firefighters for protecting their homes

Jun 28th - 7:11am

Despite overwhelmingly difficult circumstances, evacuated families are still finding time to thank firefighters for their property-saving efforts.

High 5: Special tutors keep learning alive during Summer break

Jun 27th - 8:21am

School's out for Summer but that doesn't mean the learning ends. That's particularly true for a special group of students still attending class.

High 5: The grass is always greener in his neighborhood

Jun 22nd - 7:36am

Maintaining and repairing sprinklers can be a hassle. But it's not in one neighborhood because of a very helpful volunteer.

High 5: Hospital employee much more than a housekeeper

Jun 21st - 6:44am

If you ask around, her co-workers will say she's a treasure. Blanca Lasa's service goes much further than her housekeeping duties.

High 5: Utah's piano man making a difference for elderly

Jun 20th - 8:36am

He's a man of many talents which he demonstrates to bless others. Utah's "Piano Man" gets a deserving High 5.

High 5: Saluting teachers after another successful school year

Jun 9th - 8:31am

They dedicate their time, talents, and money in many cases to prepare our kids for a bright future. Often it's a tough, thankless job, until we stopped by.

High 5: A cancer survivor finds an incredible purpose

Jun 8th - 7:37am

When she was in the midst of breast cancer treatment, a Utah woman decided she needed a purpose. She found one, and others facing medical challenges couldn't be more grateful.

High 5: A life-changing homework assignment, not from a teacher

Jun 6th - 7:44am

He's not a teacher but the homework assignment he gives students at Highland Junior High School in Ogden is making a difference.

High 5: A special dance for a special cancer patient

Jun 1st - 11:51am

Four-years-old and already a cancer survivor. Kailynn Colton is a fighter and she had plenty of support from her dance teammates who choreographed a routine just for her.

High 5: A neighborhood treasure delivering weekly acts of service

May 30th - 11:57am

His is a small act of kindness but his consistency and effort is making a big difference in one Utah neighborhood. That's why many refer to Daren Bradshaw as a treasure.

High 5: Firefighter going above and beyond to save a life

May 25th - 2:12pm

Today's High 5 goes to the Fire Department in Springville for doing what they claim is their job -- saving lives. This time was different though. This crew was driving down a busy street when one of the firefighters jumped out of the truck to save a toddler who had wandered into the middle of the road.

High 5: Quilters club proves service never gets old

May 24th - 6:41am

They get together every Tuesday to socialize and have a good time. But this quilting group at a senior living community in Daybreak is also setting the example that service never gets old.

High 5: Kearns band teacher giving much more than music lessons

May 18th - 9:33am

His students say he's an inspiration to all. A band teacher at Kearns High School is giving kids much more than music lessons. He's shaping their lives in a way that's deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: Military Child of the Year has long list of accolades

May 17th - 10:09am

Operation Homefront just honored a Utah teen with the Military Child of the Year award. We found out there's plenty of reasons why Jamal Braxton is a very deserving recipient.