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In tiny NY village, 26 votes could mean victory

07/07/2014 6:40am
In a tiny New York village, getting 26 votes could make you the mayor.

Shark attack victim: 'I could feel the vibration of this entire shark gnawing'

07/07/2014 10:19am
Soon after the great white shark chomped into his torso, Steven Robles thought everything was over. "I really thought that that might be it. I thought I might be dying," he said.

Loch Ness monster it ain't: 6-foot croc in Greece

07/07/2014 1:31pm
Greece has its own lake monster — and it's no Nessie.

'Potato Salad' Kickstarter raises over $31K

07/07/2014 9:31pm
A man who wanted $10 to make potato salad has now raised over $31,000 on KickStarter.