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Obama's proposed changes to NSA spy programs

01/18/2014 2:06am
President Barack Obama is calling for major changes in the way the U.S. intelligence community collects and stores information about people in the U.S. and abroad following disclosures that have sparked fury over sweeping government surveillance and stoked concerns about privacy. Some of the changes will take effect immediately. Others will require further study and may take action by Congress to be implemented. A look at some of the changes the president is proposing:

Questions and answers about Obama's new NSA rules

01/18/2014 2:18am
President Barack Obama is putting limits on the harvesting of Americans' phone records and seeking revisions to a program that sweeps up email and Internet data around the world, seven months after former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden began divulging the secret spying. Some questions and answers about Obama's plan:

Obama's spy speech calms few privacy fears

01/18/2014 1:13pm
President Barack Obama's orders to change some U.S. surveillance practices puts the burden on Congress to finally deal with a national security controversy that has spooked Americans and outraged foreign allies. But his proposed changes already have broad political support and avoid major action on one National Security Agency spy system that has far more reach.