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Kurdish leader cites 'new reality' in Iraq

06/24/2014 6:56am
The president of Iraq's ethnic Kurdish region declared Tuesday that "we are facing a new reality and a new Iraq" as the country considers new leadership for its Shiite-led government as an immediate step to curb a Sunni insurgent rampage.

Judge rules on making documents public in child bride's lawsuit

06/24/2014 7:18am
A judge ruled Monday that more specific, "tailored" orders that determine which documents to make public should be implemented in a personal injury lawsuit against Warren Jeffs, the Fundamentalist LDS Church and the United Effort Plan Trust.

Structure needed to help kids avoid summer weight gain

06/24/2014 7:31am
Could your child's summer break be making them fat? Researchers say kids tend to gain more weight over the summer months.

Van crashes into bank

06/24/2014 7:59am
Salt Lake police are trying to figure out whether speed or distracted driving were factors in a crash that sent a man and his mini-van through the front doors of a Wells Fargo bank.

Linked with Liam helps children fighting cancer

06/24/2014 8:14am
After the death of their 4-year-old son, Christian and Carli Webb started the Linked with Liam foundation to donate Warrior Packs and other items to kids, offer financial assistance and fund alternative treatment research.

Texas jogger finds child abandoned in bushes after car theft

06/24/2014 9:25am
During her morning jog in north Houston, Hong Nguyen stumbled across an unusual sight: a baby girl partially hidden in the bushes near the side of the road.

Wage theft: How employers steal millions from American workers every week

06/24/2014 9:39am
Robbers at gas stations and convenience stores could learn something from many American employers about how to make money against the law. Wage and overtime violations by employers cost Americans billions.

Man admires troopers, turns himself in on warrants

06/24/2014 9:49am
Acting courteous, even when arresting someone, has paid dividends for the Alaska State Troopers.

Everything you ought to know about refinancing your home

06/24/2014 9:58am
With interest rates still being offered as low as they are, now might be the right time to refinance your home and save extra cash each month.

Is a college degree still worth it? Study says yes

06/24/2014 10:01am
Some comforting news for recent college graduates facing a tough job market and years of student loan payments: That college degree is still worth it.

Happy anniversary! On Mars, Curiosity rover has done a lot in a long year

06/24/2014 10:33am
A year is a very long time on Mars — 687 days. NASA's Curiosity rover can attest that it's enough time for some unexpected life changes. On Tuesday, the rover celebrates the one-year anniversary of its touchdown on the red planet on August 6, 2012.

All-Poly Camp no longer the best kept secret in recruiting

06/24/2014 10:47am
The All-Poly Football Camp started in 2001 with just 30 kids. Now just 13 years later, the camp attracts more than 500 athletes and some of the best coaches in the country. The camp is no longer the best kept secret in recruiting.

Westfield Elementary teacher arrested for child porn, police say

06/24/2014 10:59am
A fifth grade teacher at Westfield Elementary in Alpine has been arrested in a child pornography investigation.

Amateur, pro mountain bike races going all summer long in Utah

06/24/2014 11:57am
Looking for something new and exciting to do this summer? Get outside and join Utah's welcoming bike community for some of the many races being held all year long for both amateur and professional bikers alike.

Earth-sized diamond may be in star’s core

06/24/2014 11:58am
A newly discovered white dwarf star is so cold that researchers believe its carbon core has crystallized, forming a diamond in the sky.

5 teens injured in rollover in St. George

06/24/2014 12:47pm
One teen was transported by medical helicopter and four others were injured in a rollover accident Monday evening.

Extremists abduct 91 more people in Nigeria

06/24/2014 1:01pm
Extremists have abducted 91 more people, including toddlers as young as 3, in weekend attacks on villages in Nigeria, witnesses said Tuesday, providing fresh evidence of the military's failure to curb an Islamic uprising and the government's inability to provide security.

Have You Seen This? Chewing gum experiment

06/24/2014 1:15pm
Did your parents ever tell you that chewing gum made you look like a cow chewing cud? One social experiment-based ad tells a different story.

GOP lawmakers urge U.S. House to pass immigration reform

06/24/2014 1:34pm
The nation cannot afford to wait any longer for immigration reform, state legislative leaders wrote in a letter to Utah Reps. Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Jim Matheson that urges action.

Five surprising things you didn't know about LASIK

06/24/2014 2:48pm
Have you thought about undergoing LASIK to correct your vision but assumed it entails a painful surgery and long recovery? You might be surprised at how easy the procedure can be.

User photos: This week in news

06/24/2014 3:42pm
Some of this week's user photos include: a five car pileup in Kaysville, a vehicle crashed into a Provo condo, car fires, shots of a beautiful double rainbow and the aftermath of our June snowstorm.

Video shows burglar stealing bagels, coffee beans

06/24/2014 3:48pm
Police are searching for a man who burglarized a local business of bagels and espresso beans May 23.

Missing Belgian mountain biker's body found in Moab

06/24/2014 4:04pm
The body of a Belgian man was found early Tuesday along a popular mountain biking trial, the Grand County Sheriff's Office said.

$5K reward offered for information about homicide

06/24/2014 4:39pm
Police offered a reward Tuesday in connection with the May homicide of an Iron County woman.

KFC: No proof worker asked scarred child to leave

06/24/2014 5:01pm
Fried chicken chain KFC said two different investigations have not found any evidence that an employee asked a 3-year-old girl and family members to leave because injuries she suffered in a pit bull mauling disturbed customers.

Steve Klauke calls 3,000th game as Bees announcer

06/24/2014 5:34pm
With a signed baseball in one hand and a microphone trophy in the other, longtime Salt Lake Bees play-by-play announcer Steve Klauke couldn't hold back the emotions prior to Tuesday's game as the organization honored him.

Man finds beloved stolen trailer

06/24/2014 6:01pm
A man found the trailer he renovated with his girlfriend weeks after it was stolen.

Police looking for suspect in South Salt Lake shooting

06/24/2014 6:10pm
The driver of a pickup truck was shot and killed Monday and a teenage passenger was also shot during a confrontation with another group in South Salt Lake, police said Tuesday.

4-year-old helps solve burglary orchestrated by babysitter

06/24/2014 6:31pm
A burglary organized by a babysitter at the house where she was watching three children was foiled when one of the children found a hole in her story.

Schoolgirls learn value of 'Locks of Love'

06/24/2014 7:01pm
Sixteen elementary school girls left school Tuesday with a lot less hair than when they came after donating to the charity Locks of Love.

Fire in Layton extinguished thanks to quick-thinking teen

06/24/2014 7:15pm
A Layton house fire was started by a candle, but the quick thinking of a teen resident prevented the blaze from spreading through the home.

5 tips to survive any emergency

06/24/2014 7:32pm
Being prepared can have a different focus depending on where you live. What are the differences between surviving in the city and surviving out in the country when there are disasters?

Alcohol permit approved for Snowbird's Oktoberfest

06/24/2014 7:58pm
The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control approved Snowbird's application for a single-use permit for this year's Oktoberfest in a commission meeting Tuesday.

81-year-old woman hikes to Timpanogos Cave for family tradition

06/24/2014 8:22pm
JoeAnn Johnson hiked to Timpanogos Cave 63 years ago when she was 18. Tuesday, she made a return trip that had special meaning to her and her family.

3 family benefits to owning your own business

06/24/2014 8:39pm
If a parent has paid employment, the universe will not always be in order. Neither will the laundry. But owning a business can benefit your family in multiple ways.

Several local races up for grabs in Utah primary

06/24/2014 9:01pm
In a story June 23 about Utah's primary election, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Davis County Sheriff Todd Richardson was being challenged by Bob Yeaman in Tuesday's primary. That race was decided in April at the party convention, where party delegates nominated Richardson.

Price residents help stranded airman after social media plea

06/24/2014 9:02pm
Residents of Price recently joined in assisting an airman who had car problems near their town.

4th man arrested in connection to AmBank robberies

06/24/2014 9:04pm
A fourth man was arrested Tuesday in connection with one of two bank robberies, police said.

$85K hoverbike could soon be yours

06/24/2014 9:31pm
A company has made a hoverbike a reality, available for purchase in 2017.

Firefighters cautious, vendors hopeful for 2014 fireworks season

06/24/2014 9:53pm
The new season is bringing fresh hope and optimism for stand owners and excitement for families, but also renewed worries for firefighters who are concerned about the lingering fire risk.

'Cokeville Miracle' coming to the big screen

06/24/2014 10:13pm
On May 16, 1986, David and Doris Young stormed into Cokeville Elementary in Cokeville, Wyoming, and took the entire student body hostage then set off a bomb.

Excommunicated Mormon activist says she has no plans to change

06/24/2014 10:36pm
Twenty-four hours after being excommunicated from the LDS Church for "conduct contrary to the laws and order of the church," Kate Kelly said she has no plans to change.

Climber falls 30-40 feet at Gate Buttress

06/24/2014 10:41pm
A climber in Little Cottonwood Canyon has suffered a fall resulting in head injuries, police say.

Former Rep. Brad Daw beats incumbent Rep. Dana Layton in GOP primary

06/24/2014 11:24pm
Former Rep. Brad Daw beat incumbent Rep. Dana Layton, R-Orem, in Tuesday's primary for the seat she won from him two years ago in a race that saw attack ads that have been tied to the John Swallow scandal.