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Photos released of suspect in assault case

10/30/2013 7:38am
Police released photographs in an effort to find a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman after giving her a ride in his vehicle.

Summit focuses on 50-year water strategy for Utah

10/30/2013 7:48am
After hosting eight listening sessions throughout the state this summer and poring through more than 800 comments, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert convened a statewide summit Wednesday to begin the next steps in a 50-year water strategy.

Southern Utah dinosaur discovery now on display in 3D

10/30/2013 7:50am
Dinosaur bones discovered in southern Utah by a California High School student in 2009 are finally ready for public viewing. Then 17- year-old Kevin Terris discovered a bevy of bones in southern Utah.

Group opposed to Jordan school bond absent at meeting

10/30/2013 8:05am
Online hype indicated a group opposing a proposed $495 million bond for the Jordan School District was going to air their grievances to the school board, but they were absent at Tuesday's board meeting.

Inmate health care costs double since 2001, report shows

10/30/2013 8:35am
A new report shows Utah is spending 100 percent more on health care for inmates than it did in 2001.

Insurance available for fantasy football

10/30/2013 9:52am
In real football, teams pay insurance premiums in case a star player gets injured. Now an insurance broker will insure you if your star fantasy football player is out of the game.

Missing man found safe

10/30/2013 9:55am
The Unified Police Department said a man who wandered away from a care center in Millcreek has been found safe.

Norway town sees winter sun for 1st time

10/30/2013 10:03am
Residents of the small Norwegian town of Rjukan have finally seen the light.

Lego-like cellphone in the works for Motorola

10/30/2013 10:42am
Motorola announced Monday they are working on a modular phone, or a device where key components could be interchanged and replaced without having to trash the whole unit.

For the Jazz, winning isn't the only thing

10/30/2013 10:54am
As a team, the Jazz began this season with low expectations. But while the playoffs are a long shot, the time has come for Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward to begin meeting the significant expectations set for them.

Savant sculptor creates works of art

10/30/2013 11:03am
Alonzo Clemons suffered a head injury as a toddler that permanently impaired his ability to learn and communicate. He considers it a "gift from God," because the injury gave him prodigious sculpting skills. A new video made in Utah shares his story.

Landmark case of prayer at city council set for U.S. Supreme Court

10/30/2013 11:15am
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments early next month in a case that could determine whether city councils can open meetings with prayer.

Pilot accused of groping teenage girl on flight

10/30/2013 12:02pm
An off-duty pilot is facing federal charges for allegedly sexually molesting the teenager he was sitting next to on a plane.

Man captures BASE jumping disaster, aftermath on video

10/30/2013 12:56pm
A well-known rock climber and BASE jumper had a brush with disaster outside of Moab — and captured the painful aftermath on video.

Lehi teen recognized for new mathematical approach

10/30/2013 1:31pm
For Brock Brown, everything is related. That perspective informed his mind when he created an alternative approach to the binomial theorem as a sophomore.

Grantsville High teacher accused of committing sex act in front of child

10/30/2013 1:51pm
A Grantsville High School choir teacher is under investigation for allegedly committing a sex act in front of a child.

Halloween trivia: From top costumes to most popular chocolate brands

10/30/2013 2:22pm
Fifteen fun facts about Halloween you'll want to know.

Timpanogos wins state championship for Owen

10/30/2013 2:36pm
The Timpanogos girls soccer team is celebrating the 4A state championship — their second in three years. It turns out they weren't just playing for a trophy this year.

Woman to give fat-shaming letters to 'obese' Trick-or-Treaters

10/30/2013 2:58pm
A North Dakota woman won't be handing out candy to every trick-or-treater that comes to her door this Thursday — she says she intends to give all the kids she deems overweight a fat- shaming letter instead.

Man accused of driving up Capitol steps booked in drug investigation

10/30/2013 6:00pm
A man accused of driving his pickup truck up the steps of the state Capitol was booked into jail earlier this week for investigation of drug- related charges.

Little boy sits in pope's chair, steals the show

10/30/2013 6:28pm
Pope Francis was delivering a homily but a little boy stole the show.

UDOT: Winter driving turns high-tech with sensors, app

10/30/2013 6:44pm
The Utah Department of Transportation unveiled its new resident reporting program Wednesday at a media open house.

Hough's 'blackface' sparks discussion about appropriate costumes

10/30/2013 6:55pm
A recent outing to a Halloween party for a Utah native left some people questioning which costumes are racially appropriate.

MacNeill was adamant about wife not delaying surgery, daughter says

10/30/2013 7:16pm
Michele MacNeill was in good spirits, recovering well and taking few painkillers the day before she died, her daughter and main caregiver told jurors on Wednesday.

Home invasion suspect found unconscious, 2 others flee

10/30/2013 7:21pm
A homeowner knocked an intruder out cold Wednesday morning, causing two other armed men to run off.

Man accused of killing babysitter denied parole on credit card fraud

10/30/2013 7:23pm
Eric Millerberg will stay in prison for at least another year for his credit card fraud conviction. He also faces an unrelated charge of child abuse homicide in the death of his 16-year-old baby sitter.

Brigham City residents worried about multiple attempted kidnappings

10/30/2013 7:38pm
A Brigham City woman said someone tried to lure her two kids into a car. It's the second report of a possible attempted kidnapping in Brigham City in weeks.

Documentary gives inside look at crews responding to major disasters

10/30/2013 7:43pm
One year ago this week, Hurricane Sandy came ashore, causing major devastation in several East Coast states and left millions in the dark, some for nearly two weeks.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' director talks about new trailer

10/30/2013 8:02pm
Unlike many directors in Hollywood, Bryan Singer is happy to talk about his upcoming film, "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Speaking first with Empire, Singer eventually took the conversation to social media.

Mother who claimed daughter had cancer pleads guilty to fraud

10/30/2013 8:16pm
Abreail "Abby" Winkler was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in the Uintah County Jail for accepting donations after she convinced everyone, including her 4-year-old daughter, that the little girl was fighting leukemia.

Drunk man accused of dangling child from overpass

10/30/2013 9:06pm
A Wisconsin man wearing clown makeup dangled a child upside down from an overpass after coming home drunk from a Halloween party, according to officials who charged him with child abuse.

Utah man shot, killed by Texas police while running away, witnesses say

10/30/2013 9:44pm
A man who was born and raised in Salina was shot and killed by police Monday in Duncanville, Texas, just outside of Dallas.

Durant scores 42 to lift Thunder to win over Jazz

10/30/2013 9:52pm
The Jazz opened the season against the Oklahoma City Thunder and missed a 3-pointer to send the game to overtime, falling 101-98.

6 people shot dead in SC domestic dispute

10/30/2013 10:26pm
Bryan Sweatt was in the middle of a custody fight with his girlfriend over their 7-month-old daughter and facing a burglary charge that could put him in jail for years.

Sebelius: 'I apologize, I'm accountable' for Obamacare website flaws

10/30/2013 10:47pm
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius strongly apologized for the botched launch of the government's Obamacare website before a congressional panel Wednesday.

For boy with walker, a Superman Halloween

10/30/2013 10:48pm
For some, the necessity of a walker may hinder a costume's look. For a local 3-year-old, however, it made the costume better.

Tips to help your child overcome fear at Halloween

10/30/2013 10:58pm
During Halloween, scary images and costumes can often frighten small children. Here are several tips to help them overcome those fears.

Irrigation pipes stolen from farmer in Cache County

10/30/2013 10:59pm
Metal theft has surged in recent years in Utah, and across the country with thieves stealing copper wire, pipe and bronze statues. However, now thefts of irrigation pipes have been reported in Cache County.

Red Sox win WS title, beat Cards 6-1 in Game 6

10/30/2013 11:04pm
There hasn't been a party like this in New England for nearly a century.