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Here is the latest Utah news from The Associated Press

04/19/2014 1:30am
The American Atheists are holding their annual conference over Easter weekend in the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Leaders of the group say the best spot to find a nonbeliever is in a place of faith. They say the church's influence in Utah has made atheists in the state reluctant to speak about religious doubts for fear of being shunned.

Religion builds bridges in ethnically split Cyprus

04/19/2014 4:40am
An unexpected moment during the Good Friday service in a long-abandoned church in Cyprus' breakaway north illustrated how religion is helping to bring together Christian Greek Cypriots and Muslim Turkish Cypriots on this ethnically divided island.

Nigeria preacher: Healer or controversial leader?

04/19/2014 9:50am
It's Sunday, and 15,000 people are seated in the enormous arena-like church, fanning themselves against the dusty humid air in Nigeria.

Costa Rican a celebrity after certified miracle

04/19/2014 12:10pm
On a warm spring day, Floribeth Mora was in her bed waiting to die from a seemingly inoperable brain aneurysm when her gaze fell upon a photograph of Pope John Paul II in a newspaper.

Egypt's el-Sissi visits Coptic pope before Easter

04/19/2014 12:50pm
Egypt's former military chief and presumed presidential front-runner visited the Coptic pope Saturday ahead of Orthodox Easter, making his first public appearance since he formally made his bid for the presidency.

Pope seeks to bring faith to "ends of the Earth"

04/19/2014 3:01pm
Pope Francis baptized 10 people Saturday and urged them to bring their faith "to the ends of the Earth" as he presided over an Easter Vigil in St. Peter's Basilica.

Holy fire ceremony draws thousands in Jerusalem

04/19/2014 3:01pm
The dark hall inside Christianity's holiest shrine was illuminated with the flames from thousands of candles on Saturday as worshippers participated in the holy fire ceremony, a momentous spiritual event in Orthodox Easter rites.