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How early is too early for education?

04/18/2014 9:44am
Early childhood education — from infancy — can have striking improvements on success and lifelong health.

Study: Snack might help avoid fight with spouse

04/18/2014 11:06am
A quick candy bar may stave off more than hunger. It could prevent major fights between husbands and wives, at least if a new study that used voodoo dolls is right.

Ogden No. 3 best city for raising family in U.S., study says

04/18/2014 12:15pm
Two Utah cities have been ranked in the top 10 best places to raise a family in the U.S. by Forbes.

15 nonprofit centers in Utah support parents, kids in crisis

04/18/2014 8:20pm
K.C. Mulcare readily admits that being a parent is the hardest, but most rewarding job she's ever had. The Family Support Center of the Uintah Basin is helping to make her life a little bit easier, though, and keep her kids safe.

New cellphone targets 5-year-olds

04/18/2014 9:02pm
A whole new class of kindergarteners may be headed to school with more than just crayons in their backpacks. The latest must have? A cellphone.