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Sisters, brother outfit village children with glasses

03/20/2014 8:53am
A trio of siblings who headed an effort to establish a vision clinic in India last summer are raising more money to continue the clinic's effort.

Child angry about Oreos calls 911

03/20/2014 9:20am
A 911 call about a domestic situation turned out to be no emergency but the work of a disgruntled child.

Parenting from prison: The collateral damage of mandatory minimums

03/20/2014 11:43am
Stephanie Nodd was 22 when she landed in prison in 1988 for a first- time, nonviolent offense. For the next 22 years she struggled to be a good mom from behind bars, carrying out a mandatory minimum sentence that didn't seem to match the crime.

Effective ways to deal with 3 of life's most common transitions

03/20/2014 3:22pm
Life is chock-full of transitions, whether large-scale or small. Through the emotional roller coaster, a few life skills may help to objectively look at the new situation, our feelings regarding it, and the clear choice of action.

Company revises ad to reflect toilet safety

03/20/2014 11:05pm
A company is rolling out a new ad campaign and offer for customers after a previous mailer featuring a child playing with a rubber ducky next to an open toilet drew criticism over insensitivity and safety concerns.