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The Doug Wright Show is where news breaks in Utah - whether it's politics, local government or just the big talker of the day.

Friday, May 26, 2017

  • VIDEO: Crowded House race
    VIDEO: The race to replace outgoing Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is getting even more crowded, as Jim Bennett announces his candidacy under the newly-formed United Utah party. There are now at least a dozen people planning to seek the 3rd District congressional seat in a special election. Doug Wright continues to be the guy candidates seek out to make their official political announcements. 
  • Trump at the G7 Summit - Doug's Take
    President Donald Trump is joining world leaders including European Union leaders at the G7 Summit in Brussels. President Trump made statements about the future of NATO, and how Trump wants the organization to focus on international terrorism and immigration. KSL NewsRadio's Doug Wright responds to the President's comments, and addresses some of Trumps further comments calling out North Korea as our enemy. Jim Bennett, son of the late Senator Bob Bennett announced his campaign to replace Jason Chaffetz as the 3rd Congressional District's Representative live with Doug. Bennett will run under the new United Utah Party.  John Gleeson UDOT 100 deadliest days Finally, Doug chats with Gary Snyder, President of the BYU Management Society announces this year's gala honoring Utah's Senator Orrin Ha

Thursday, May 25, 2017

  • Summer book recommendations
    Deseret News posted an article with book recommendations from notable Utahns across the state, and that list included recommendations from Doug and his producer. What is Doug reading right now? And what recommendations do his listeners have? Get your pen and paper ready to jot down these summer reads as Christy Meiners, who wrote the article, joins Doug on the show to talk about the inspiration for the piece as well as the suggestions from different people. 
  • High water levels requires special safety review
    With the rising levels in reservoirs around the state, how do you keep safe in swift waters? As these levels continue to rise and water is released from these areas, the rivers surrounding them are growing increasingly fast. Dave Cawley talks with Doug about how to keep safe in these waters and how to avoid any treacherous areas. 
  • What benefits are available for Utah veterans?
    With Memorial Day coming up, many tributes and recognition of all veterans across the country will be available to participate in. The veterans of this country have given their all, and their bravery deserves to be rewarded. Gary Harter, Executive Director of Utah's Department of Veteran and Military Affairs, talks with Doug about the benefits that are available to Utah veterans and how they can get access to them. 
  • SB54 will "stay the course"
     The new GOP chairman, Rob Anderson, says that SB54 will "stay the course," but what does that mean for the 4rd district election? The chairman joins Doug on the show to talk more in depth about the process of elections and conventions, including the SB54 bill. In addition to Anderson, Rich McKeown also joins us on the show to talk about the same topic. How will the election pan out with SB54 still in tact.  
  • Manchester refuses to share intel with U.S.
    England reacts to the recent information leaks in the US with a warning: they will not release any intel to the United States concerning the Manchester concert bombing. Theresa May made it clear that though she was to meet with President Trump, she stressed that the information that will be shared is confidential and not to be leaked. What does this say about America? 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

  • Is "worried a person" enough to euthanize a dog?
    A news story broke yesterday about a 800-pound statue of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith that had been stolen. How did this statue disappear and where was it found? Detective Greg Wilkins discusses the short case. Also, is "worried a person" enough to euthanize a dog? Gene Baierschmidt, of the Utah Humane Society, talks about a recent event that led to this conclusion and discussion. In addition to this, listeners weigh in on their own experiences with dogs and how they feel in different situations regarding the animals.   
  • What is Strawberry C?
    The news broke about Jason Chaffetz's decision to not run for re-election in 2018, which was closely followed by reports that he would also leave his seat early. Chaffetz recently confirmed that in a statement explaining his early departure on June 30th. But what is Strawberry C? Chaffetz filed a business request with the title Strawberry C and no one seems to know what it is.  
  • Legality of repealing Bears Ears
    With the review of the national monuments by Secretary Ryan Zinke, all eyes continue to look to Bears Ears National Monument.  THe controversial monument, established by Former President Barack Obama, has been reviewed by Zinke and within the following months, he will decide what needs to be done. Some are worried that the monument would be entirely repealed, but is that legal? Senator Mike Lee explains the process of reviewing these national monuments. 
  • What happens with the subpoenaed documents in Flynn's case?
    Former CIA Director John Brennan stated in his testimony that the Russian government had connections to the Trump ccampaign, there has been many further worries and concerns by the American people. Representative Chris Stewart joins Doug to give a quick recap on what happened in that meeting and what is expected to happen now. Also, since Michael Flynn's lawyer explained that he will not be releasing documents, the question of legality continues to be in the spotlight. Paul Cassell revisits the 5th amendment usage and questions what will happen to the subpoenaed documents. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

  • Manchester terrorist attack
    In Manchester, England, an Ariana Grande concert turned deadly as a terrorist bombing left many dead and injured. ISIS has now claimed the act it's own, and with this information, Doug and Tom Rivers, of ABC, give an update on the situation. In addition to this, Commissioner Keith Squires, of the Department of Public Safety and the Governor's advisor to state homeland security, discusses what soft targets are and how Utah is protecting them. Lastly, how do we talk to our kids about these events? Do we cover them up or do we talk candidly?
  • A skull is found in Spanish Fork cellar
    A Spanish Fork resident recently discovered a skull in his cellar. Could this be the answer from a decades old cold case? These remains could solve a missing persons case from 1988. The Peggy Sue Case disappearance became a cold investigation when information regarding her disappearance hit a dead end. Lt. Matt Johnson, Spanish Fork Police Department, talks with Doug about this reopening of the investigation and what happens next. 
  • Homeless camping grounds in Pacific Northwest
    The former CIA Director John Brennon expresses his concern over the Russian connections to the Trump campaign and other related situations. Also, the homeless population and the solution to housing these individuals continues to be in the spotlight in Salt Lake County. Debbie Dujanovic and Candice Madsen talk about the homeless camping grounds in the Pacific Northwest and the recently KSL television spot regarding this story.   
  • Will Bears Ears be repealed entirely?
    A recent article stated that Secretary Ryan Zinke will suggest an entire repeal of Bears Ears. Representative Rob Bishop talks about what would happened if the monument would be rescinded completely, even though he states he doesn't know the decision of Secretary Zinke as of yet. Phil Lyman, San Juan County Commissioner says that Utah Policy misquoted him in the article stating that Bears Ears would be rescinded.