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KSL Investigates: Was sexting ring at Union High School properly investigated?

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 20th - 7:48am

When months passed with no charges filed and zero repercussions, the KSL Investigators decided to find out why.

Officers 'don't trust' Salt Lake County DA, refuse to cooperate in shooting investigations

Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV, Mark Stevens, KSL TV and Emiley Dewey, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 15th - 11:33am

A standoff of sorts is occurring in Salt Lake County, between District Attorney Sim Gill and the Utah State Fraternal Order of Police. In 18 officer-involved shooting cases this year, nine officers have refused to talk to the DA’s investigative team.

KSL Investigates: Are taxpayers getting soaked by water district salaries?

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 2nd - 8:43am

A little-known network of government agencies pay some of the highest salaries in the state. An analysis shows one-third of water district employees earn six-figure pay packages.

Homebuyers targeted by sophisticated, billion dollar hacking scheme

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Oct 26th - 9:28am

A nationwide scam has cost its victims $12.5 billion over the last five years, and that dollar amount keeps climbing. One of the latest victims, a Utah Marine Corps veteran, contacted the KSL Investigators after he lost a $62,500 down payment to hackers this fall.

KSL Investigates: Denver motel task force could be model for Salt Lake City

Tania Dean, KSL TV and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Oct 23rd - 9:43am

An area of Salt Lake has more than its fair share of crime. The community wants it cleaned up, but the city’s hands seem to be tied. So the KSL Investigators went out of state in search of a potential solution.

KSL Investigates: A moving company nightmare

Debbi Dujanovic and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Oct 7th - 8:59pm

The KSL Investigators look into the case of a woman who sought the services of a moving company to help with her cross-country move but ended up having her belongings "held hostage" and damaged after pricing changes.

New law does little to solve health, crime problems at Salt Lake motel

Mike Headrick and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 25th - 8:08am

Police say a Salt Lake City motel is a haven for drugs, prostitution and assault. Neighbors want it shut down, claiming it does nothing more than attract crime.

Police issue safety reminder after 3 auto-pedestrian accidents involving children in a week

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Sep 17th - 11:13am

One child was killed and two others injured in separate accidents in Salt Lake City in the past week by running into the street.

KSL Investigates: How to use Venmo without getting burned

Debbi Dujanovic and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 13th - 7:17am

Peer-to-Peer payment apps have exploded in popularity, and Venmo is one of the most popular. KSL Investigators set out to learn how to use Venmo, while avoiding the possible pitfalls while using the app to transfer money.

Food safety experts break down meanings behind food expiration dates

Sloan Schrage, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 5th - 11:17am

"Sell By." "Expires On." "Best By." "Use By." There are more than 10 different expiration date labels on food packaging. What's the difference, and how do you tell if your food is still safe to eat?

KSL does the math to compare fuel rewards programs

Sloan Schrage and Lori Prichard, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 31st - 9:30am

Gas prices in Utah hover just over $3 a gallon and a fuel rewards card could help you shave a lot of money. There are pros and cons to each option, so KSL did the math to see how the savings stack up.

KSL investigates the pricey cost of airport citation

Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 28th - 7:19am

It’s probably safe to say nobody likes getting a ticket, especially when that ticket runs you upwards of $6,000.

KSL investigates ‘golden parachute’ policy for elected officials

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 24th - 7:42am

Politicians spend lots of time and money asking for your vote to get into office. In one Utah county, taxpayers have been paying them a hefty payout when they leave office.

KSL Investigation: Utah security guard contracts lacked written orders

Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 21st - 10:16pm

A KSL Investigation has found multiple security guard contracts held by the Utah Department of Administrative Services did not include written post orders for the guards posted to the sites.

KSL Investigators find lack of transparency in government inspections of nail salons

Emiley Dewey, Debbie Dujanovic and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 17th - 8:01am

Lisa Zollinger decided to treat herself to a birthday pedicure this year, spending $43 on the beauty treatment.

KSL Investigates: Are higher-priced dog foods better for your pet?

Sloan Schrage, KSL TV and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 10th - 6:28pm

When the KSL Investigators learned much of the nutritional testing that’s been done on dog food has been done by the food makers themselves, we independently tested dog food bought at the supermarket to see if buying the cheapest dog food cheats your dog out of nutrition.

KSL Investigates: Do you know these newlyweds? We have photos they paid for, but never got

Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 7th - 7:02am

This follow-up story requires help from our viewers and readers to hopefully get wedding photos to the newlyweds who never received them.

KSL investigates: Thousands of Utah motorists could be incorrectly targeted as uninsured

Debbie Dujanovik and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 6th - 7:31am

A KSL investigation found tens of thousands of Utah motorists could be pulled over and ticketed because a state-contracted database mislabels them as uninsured.

Test ribbon story

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted May 10th - 9:29am

This is a description

A little detective work can save you hundreds on prescription medications

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted May 8th - 7:20am

The cost of prescription drugs can make an unaffordable Utah even tougher to live in. But the KSL Investigators found it pays to shop around to cut down high prescription drug costs if you’re paying cash rather than going through insurance.