Have you seen this? Parents create jingle commemorating a 'Gen X summer'

In today's HYST, the Holderness Family sings a jingle commemorating what it was like to experience a "Gen X summer."

In today's HYST, the Holderness Family sings a jingle commemorating what it was like to experience a "Gen X summer." (YouTube, Holderness Family)

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YESTERYEAR — As summer comes to a close, I have a lot of regrets for not raising my children in the 1980s and '90s. Although I didn't have a lot of choice in the matter, being that 1982 was the year I made my earthly entrance, I kind of wish my kids knew what it was like to have a "Gen X Summer."

I know, I know, I am technically on the outside fringes of the Gen X generation, with Wikipedia experts calling me a "Xennial," but I related to this Holderness Family's song that talks about what it was like to not have any real pains, but to just be where you are and "be home when you feel like it."

Listening to the "Gen X Summer" song had me wondering if we will ever get back to a time where kids can just be, and where parents can let them be. Sure, it's nice to know where your teenagers are, but sometimes it's nice to let go and allow them autonomy.

Part of me wonders if all of the tracking devices and hovering abilities are making it difficult for kids to develop that sense of independence and the ability to make mistakes and learn from them on their own. I'm sure there's a lot of data on this, being that there's data on everything these days. But as a mom of one now-adult, three teens, one tween, and — you get the picture, I am learning that I really just want my kids to develop a life outside the context of me.

I want them to wander neighborhoods with their friends, drink hose water (not to be confused with Weber water), and generally pass the time being and doing unsupervised teenage things. Because as I see it, it is in the moments when we are left to our own devices that we can truly learn who we are.

Sorry, Holderness Family for waxing all philosophical after listening to your meant-to-be-funny jingle, but it really got me thinking. And now I can't wait until next summer when I will do what I can to let the Gen X vibe radiate throughout the break.

What do you miss about your Gen X summers? Let us know in the comments.

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