Have You Seen This? Delivery driver can't help but throw down a dunk

A FedEx driver gets the urge to dunk a basketball in this video posted on May 26.

A FedEx driver gets the urge to dunk a basketball in this video posted on May 26. (ViralHog via YouTube)

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THE DRIVEWAY — I can't speak for every child on the planet, but I think a lot of us had the same dream years ago. We wanted to be able to dunk a basketball. My neighborhood of roughly 80 billiondy kids when I grew up was obsessed with dunking a basketball. It was likely the time we grew up, with basketball legends like Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins and of course, His Airness, Michael Jordan.

We watched these athletes jump out of the gym and seemingly walk on air and we wanted nothing more. As we dunked on the adjustable hoops we always had our milestones and we celebrated each one. You dunk on a 7-foot rim, it's time to try 7½ feet. You got that with a mini basketball? Next stop is that height with a regulation ball. And so on until we all maxed out.

With the exception of a couple of those 80 billiondy kids, no one managed to throw down a regulation ball on a 10-foot hoop.

I'm now old and carrying more weight than my BMI is comfortable with and that dream seems as unattainable as breathing in space on my own accord. But it doesn't change the fact I want to dunk all the time and why I get why this FedEx driver did what he did in this video.

Fourteen-year-old Hunter was shooting hoops on his driveway in Bozeman, Montana, when a FedEx truck parked across the street. Suddenly the delivery driver jumped out of the truck and started running toward the hoop, calling for the ball. Hunter obliged and the delivery guy threw down a dunk. He then darts back across the street to his truck and drives away.

Hunter doesn't seem to think anything is out of the norm ... because he is just like that delivery driver, all those kids in my childhood neighborhood and myself. When the urge to dunk hits you there is only one thing you can do: dunk. Whether it's on a low hoop like this, a Fisher Price one in the basement, or the one hanging over the door of your 9-year-old nephew's bedroom, sometimes you just have to dunk.

Have You Seen This?

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Have You Seen This?
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