Have You Seen This? Most older siblings will be able to relate to this cat

This cat is a little tired of its puppy brother's mischief.

This cat is a little tired of its puppy brother's mischief. (Toto The Great Pyrenees, YouTube)

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THE LIVING ROOM — Most siblings go through a period where the older and younger ones just don't get along.

I'm the oldest of four kids, and we all went through different phases of friendship growing up. For a time, my younger sister and I shared and did everything together — including the time I sleepwalked and brought all the sheets from my bed into hers and slept there for the night. But, of course, that didn't last long.

Probably every older sibling knows what it's like to just want a few minutes alone when their younger sibling just wants to be involved in everything they're doing, including hanging with friends, watching TV, or even doing homework.

This cat definitely knows what that feels like when its younger puppy sibling tries to interrupt the cat's beauty rest.

In this case, the cat calmly tries to swat the puppy away until the puppy eventually gets the message that maybe it should back up a bit — a win for older siblings everywhere.

It's a little more complicated for humans, though. We can't just hit our younger siblings in the face until they leave us alone; and if we did, we'd certainly get in more trouble than this cat.

I don't know about you, but my siblings and I grew out of our "I'm-way-too-cool-for-my-siblings" phase, and we're great friends now. Maybe someday when this puppy is a little bigger, the cat and the dog can be friends too.

Have You Seen This?

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